RTX 3090 Ti: Biggest GPU Ever. Fastest Too. MSI SUPRIM X Benchmarks!

RTX 3090 Ti: Biggest GPU Ever. Fastest Too. MSI SUPRIM X Benchmarks!
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Here’s my review of the new NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3090 Ti, the “fastest gaming GPU ever” and also among the most expensive at $2000 MSRP — or $2200 for the MSI SUPRIM X version I’m testing today. Benchmarks at 4K, 1440p and 1080p!

0:00 Intro – RTX 3090 Ti Review
1:23 TLDW Summary – Is Fastest GPU? Power Hungry?
3:10 How about the 21Gbps GDDR6X VRAM Temps?
3:53 Closer Look: MSI SUPRIM X RTX 3090 Ti
5:15 Comparison Spec Chart and Test Bed Info
6:40 Measured Clock Speeds
14:56 Temps & Power Draw
16:15 Benchmarks Summary – Overall Performance
16:58 Closing Thoughts

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  1. I'm so glad I found this card at this time, I've been wanting to upgrade my 6 year old CPU for 3 years now, and I'm finally starting to build my super tower. This coupled with a 5800X3D and 32G 3800 CL16 DDR4 all on a Dark Hero… liquid cooled. I cant wait for this card to come in.

  2. It really really seems like the suprim x is the best 3090ti when it comes to 1080p somehow? Its beating out other 3090ti's by like 10 to 20fps somehow? It's weird but cool af. All similiar I'm 4k though which is also good lol. Usually the 6900xt and the 3090ti are neck and neck I'm 1080p. I am very happy I went 3090ti for sure!

  3. Video cards have gotten way too expensive. How much do these video card producer think a consumer can afford. So I play the wait game like most people do, just wait a few years for the price to go down, then by a used video card, as a matter of fact I still am using a used 980 ti @ $169 and is quite happy with it. These youtubers can afford these expensive cards. I dont need the latest and the greatest of anything. WOW a new video card I have to have it!!! I started to build computer in the mid 1990s. Reason being, computers were sold as a bundle package. It was dirt cheaper to build your own computer than it was buy a new one. Fast forward to the year 2022. I look at these youtubers trying to justify why they promote a video card that is unaffordable. ANIT NO WAY im going to pay $2000 for an rtx 3090 ti, and if I had a inkling, or a urge to but one I gave my wife permission to slap the mess out of me, to bring me back to my reality, of cheap video card days… So I'll play the wait game, and wait a few years and buy a used video card.

  4. I’m so confused as to why your 3090 is relatively scoring so low compared to other cards though? Is there something anecdotal we should know about your 3090 used in testing?

  5. This is the confirm that nvidia is not a professional and serious company. Nvidia always like to fool us. It would be the time to buy always amd

  6. I just got a EVGA RTX 3080TI FTW3 Ultra. $1400 Including taxes. I have seen my GPU beat the 3090ti. Best Buy had it in store. My card pulls up to 450watts. My card was OC to beat this one and only by a couple of percent.

  7. Not at all interested in this card or Nvidia releasing this but thanks for the coverage anyways!!

  8. whats crazy is the 6900xt is like 10-18% average behind the 3090 ti and it's half the price using less power. im actually surprised

  9. Why are we still talking about MSRP is if it means anything?

    I only care about the price I actually have to pay to get the thing, and I watched the real price of the 3080 start way off MSRP $699 at about $1200 and then it went up to $2000.

    When the 3080Ti came out at MSRP $1200 people said “Its only 10% faster for almost 2x the price” but that was nonsense. The real prices of both cards were different and much closer together.

  10. you know its getting outrageous when the GPU costs more than my current build with 2070 and 5800x

  11. omg 607w avr nad 701 w in pik … holi shit teht is a fire hazerd .omg . thet is stupafaid .. yup it da not exist … hell no !

  12. This is a test to see if they can sell $2000+ cards. Similar to the $1000+ Titans

    People will buy, Nvidia will keep raising prices

  13. This just showed how how miserably nvidia failed… as its compared to more than a year old gpus , msrp is ridiculous over the roof, power draw enourmous and gain… meh
    If you crazy and nothing to do just get two 6900xt and crossfire 2 of them for the same price!
    PS – counting only msrp prices


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