6 Reasons We Won't Be Using Starlink For RV'S — Important Information To Know!

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With the new launch of Starlink for RV’s, many RV travelers will now have the opportunity to have high speed internet while on the road. Although Starlink for RV’s is a breakthrough in technology, in this video we will give you 6 Reasons We Won’t Be Using Starlink For Our RV.

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  1. oh good grief stay with your cell and enjoy the low speeds. I have had Starlink over a year speeds in excess of 200 down it's a good life.

  2. Had my starlink before the RV was available, and I have a quick-detach mount I fabricated on the back of my truck, and I get amazing service in places where there is not even a HINT of cellular signal. Priceless for me. I ditched my hotspot, and I just use my phone data when roads are too rough. AND, I can get my game on when I want.

  3. I use a Weboost booster and Verizon. I would like Star link but what I have now works and I do not have to put out $700! I agree with you

  4. Like mainly what you said yet need to clarify on your missteps. SL won't allow million of users and where it over allocates a satellite to users. The maximum bandwidth is determined by the cpu on each satellite. Millions will take years if ever to accomplish. SL will technically work moving if you get a satellite actuator system ~$300 and are more technically savvy to setup, program the Sat locations and you're on the move. If loss of internet just reboot the SL router. Nerds comment on regulatory compliance because it's not a cell phone so your license you didn't pay to be moving, red tape and money is what the regulatory bodies want. Since you pay part of your cell plan to be able to move around. 5g vs satellite regulations. It should be personal vs commercial and laws will come out to which provider pays the most the pass the laws I their favor.

    As of this moment I'm 6 miles away from a city on 5g phone $130mo Verizon (maximum plan they offer) and disconnects constantly to 4g with no to 1mb internet. There's no way SL is worse.

  5. My only concern is they sell out all the dishy & then stuck with centurylink for long long time…Or you think there’s plenty of dishy for a while?

  6. I have a question don’t you think that when the FCC allows in motion Starlink. That they will just add an accessory plastic dome to put over it. & a firmware update. Or you think they’ll have a whole new gen. with the dome on it? I can’t imagine they could make the dish much smaller…

  7. We’ve been using Starlink for the past three months in our RV. This is before they offered it. We have had a mostly good experience but we are now second guessing our decision. 1. With the new added cost of the mobile package, the price per month is too high. 2. Trying to talk to someone from SL is impossible. You are left to emailing back and forth. Obviously if you are relying on SL for your communication, and your service is not working you are hooped. Just like right now. 3. I don’t like being tracked. Every time we move the RV we get a message about us not being at the registered address. I’m sure it’s just me, but I’m not too crazy about someone following my every move. It feels like my privacy has been invaded. I know cell companies do the same thing but they also cost 1/3 the price. Overall it’s been nice to have high speed internet but with the added cost for mobility we are likely going to cancel our subscription. Obviously we’ve proven that it works all over without them doing anything. It feels like a shakedown for more money to make it officially mobile.

  8. Most of your qualms are more specific to you which is fine. However what you need to tell people also is that you don't have to get SL RV you can just get SL and then add portability for a better experience! The upfront cost is kind of high right now. That is good imo. It keeps the barrier of entry high for the moment while they work things out and let's those early adopters use it to it's full purpose. You can (while not recommended) use it in motion. This has been tested by sever people and works pretty good. I feel it's a feature that is there and is just not "turned on" atm

  9. Very astutte analysis fo Starlink service. With Verzon rolling out Home LTE service for rural areas at mere $50/month with $0 for equipment cost, it's much better deal than starlink. And service is awesome. I ordered it for $0, and got my internet gateway delivered in just 2 days. Rock solid 50+ mpbs down all the time, blows away previous internet service we had at double the cost.

  10. We are able to view you video using Starlink, it's better than any of our cellular options, we have AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verzion. Starlink is hands down better unless you have tree cover. We had more issues getting Cellular coverage, even when using a WeBoost amp. I'll keep the Starlink and use Cellular when we are in the trees.

  11. My RV kit is set to arrive on Saturday. It's intended use is at our remote cabin in the UP of Michigan. The cabin is literally in the middle of a National Forest with VERY few people living in the area and Starlink lists our "cell" as "available." We have a pretty good opening to the sky. We're nine miles away from the nearest Verizon tower, but with a high-end WeBoost cell booster I get three bars of 4G. I don't have unlimited data and use a 30GB plan with a JetPack for internet. I get about 12Mb down and 1.5Mb up. Using it judiciously, I can work at the cabin around 7 days per month before I'm throttled down to 200Kb, less if the kids are also visiting.
    I bought the kit for our cabin because:
    1) High-speed internet via cell is not a viable option.
    2) Given the number of phones we have, moving to "unlimited data" would be pricey.
    3) Starlink is the best bet we have to high-speed internet
    4) We only can use the cabin April-Oct. Being able to switch Starlink off and back on during the six months the cabin is closed takes all of the sting out of the monthly cost.
    5) The cabin is in an area that should remain "available" long-term.
    I think people are also getting freaked-out about the de-prioritization aspect of the RV service. I've seen many people express the misconception that the RV service users are always throttled. More than one Starlink RV critic has said "Higher cost for slower service… no thanks!" Youtube videos are already showing what Starlink actually says: Unless you're in an area where their network is currently saturated, your speeds will be the same as others.

  12. Thanks for the video! We definitely factored all of this into our decision. One really big factor that you didn’t address is that you can pause service whenever you’re not using it. For people that store their RVs in the winter, or work from the road one month a year, this is a massive cost savings. We just got ours today and are seeing ~200 Mbps. Hopefully it stays that way!

  13. I want to know how this works for us in the PaC NW. We can't get any cell service at all with any company in most national forest parks we've been. Partially because of trees, but mostly because of lack of towers. So setting up via cell is worthless to us, but I wonder about this giving something. Doesn't need to be lightening speed, but anything is better than nothing.

  14. We use our cell phones hot spots, works well for our purposes. When we bought our Newmar DS we had a Dish satellite antenna installed, but have found that many campgrounds have a lot of trees that would prevent our using it, so for the most part, we just go with the campground's cable hookup, does a reasonably decent job.

  15. Unfortunately we are returning our Starlink. Surrounded by 120’ ponderosa pines, we get, at most 65 Mpbs, and our current cable is 95-99 Mpbs. Where we camp in our RV is similar.

  16. We ordered Starlink for our home and added probability. We have a clear path from our home. Our internet is a little slow as we live an hour out of Columbus OH. So our intention is to try it out for a couple of weeks. We will take it camping since we added probability and test there as well. It is pricey to purchase the equipment but it is a one time deal. All returnable for 30 days. We will be saving money in that area. Our cell phone is Visible which we love because it uses Verizon towers and unlimited data for $25 a piece. What we found going west last year, the cell service did ok but not adequate to download videos. And at home, the download speeds can be slow. We didn't choose the RV option for the reasons you stated. The nice thing about probability, you can use it for a month and stop it. So being weekenders ourselves, it will be worth the money. Our fellow friends got it ahead of us and they have fast internet where they live as well. Trees are the worst enemy for Starlink users. However when you don't have the greatess internet, it will be worth the try. So the jury is out and will let you know how it works. Deana

  17. At $135 a month Internet isn't that important to me. Half the cost, and I'd consider turning off my home Internet and replacing with Starlink. Be nice in the motorhome, but Verizon is good enough. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Thank you Izzy and MJ! Great video! I thank you for saying saying what Starlink is like and how much it costs. Too pricy for me. I’m paying way less than that for my home internet. I would get whatever you guys have in your Rv for internet for my Rv. I want to get what works best. And you don’t have to pay too much. Thank you Izzy and MJ for this video.

  19. Lots of my neighbors have it where we live. We live in rural northern Michigan. Spotty and slow cell service and NO internet. Its DirecTV, Dishtv or stream. My download speed right now is 18, when thousands descend on our area for the summer starting next week it will be terrible. We are mad we did not get in on beta test – those neighbors paid less.

  20. I ordered Starlink last May, when it truly was in Beta. The area that I wanted to primarily use it was my cabin, on a lake in very rural Northwestern Wisconsin. I received the V2 Starlink starter kit in January. Since my cabin is only a 3 season, with Winter not being 1 of those seasons, I set it up on my front yard lawn, in the urban forrest that is Minneapolis, to test it out and play with it a bit. Surprisingly, it was able to see and maintain a signal for all but about 5 minutes, every 12 hours. That was better than expected, and the speeds were 90-130 Mega Bits Per Second (mbps) down and 8-15 mbps up, which I rate as fast for it being a very narrow corridor of sky through which it had to communicate.
    When May came around, and I was able to open my cabin, I moved Starlink up there, and have it (currently) sitting on my dock. It now has 0 downtime, due to obstructions, and I am seeing download speeds of between 90-160 mbps down and 8-12 mbps up. When I moved it up to NW Wisconsin, my cabin address was not a valid service address, so I turned on the Portability option, for $25/month. I noticed no throttling, and expected none, due to the remoteness of my location. I continued to monitor the Starlink availability map, and to my surprise, this week my address now shows as being a valid service address. It took me 5 minutes to change my account service address, so now I will pay the $110/month, while my cabin is open.
    If you are still with me, here comes the RV portion of this post. When Halloween roles around, and the snow starts to make itself known, I will be packing up Starlink, my dog, and driving my Class A gas motorhome to the high desert of Eastern California, where my daughter's family lives, to spend the winter, out of the brutal cold of the upper Midwest, for the first time in 31 years. Now Starlink won't be officially available, in the eastern Sierras, until 2023, but already having the dish will allow me to use it there, just by turning back on the portability option.
    I am not a "power" user, don't do Zoom calls, but I do have 2 Roku TVs, a cell phone, a laptop, and an iPad, all connected and able to stream YouTube, movies, and check the weather, all at the same time, with little to no lag time.
    As you may well understand, Starlink is a very good fit, for the way that I live, and RV. I will also be able to use Starlink, on the road, with less than a 5 minute setup, once it is installed in the RV.
    If you made it to the end, of my short story, thank you for reading this far, and listening to my story. Happy trails to you all!

  21. We live rural and received Starlink back in 2020. We have had zero issues and incredible speeds. We have also just received our 2nd starlink for our motorhome. We will be using for the first time next week with the excellent stable service at home I look forward to using this on the road.

  22. We have Starlink at home and the service has been excellent (even through BETA). All your points are spot on. If you are a full timer I think this is a great option, for part timing, the cost doesn't make it worth it yet. When we plan to travel south in the winter for a few weeks we will just take our dish/modem and activate roaming for an extra $25.00

  23. Hehehe I have it. I have it for home. I turned it off. I have too many trees, it will NOT work with trees. If you are in the Desert it will be GREAT. TREES NO. In the mountains and trees, NO. And it uses a lot of power…..

  24. I work for a very small rural non-profit internet provider. For our commuity, Starlink (for homes) has been the best thing ever. These last two years a bazillion folks moved out from the city and realtors told them "High speed internet available" hahaha. We offer 10/2 meg and 5/1 meg packages. Try translating that for city-folk.

  25. Could you please share what cellular data rig you are using instead of the Starlink? I.e., which cellular modem/router, what outside antenna on the roof, and which carrier/data plan? Thanks!

  26. We currently use the FMCA/t-Mobile hotspot which works well for us. Starlink is a game changer and we are considering it but the issue of "in-motion" usage is primarily due to Starlink not obtaining authorization from the FCC for in-motion usage. Logically the satellite dish doesn't look like it could withstand the forces it would be subject to when traveling at 60 mph but the FCC is the reason it can't be used in-motion. My understanding is they are working on getting FCC approval. The primary reason Starlink had to limit the number of households that could use Starlink in an area was the satellites initially deployed could only communicate with the ground station. All the satellites deployed for the past year now have the ability to communicate via laser with other Starlink satellites. This now allows the capacity to be based on the total number of satellites deployed in the constellation vs just the one satellite you're connected to. My biggest concern with Starlink is they plan to have as many as 40,000 satellites. Today they have about 2,000 deployed. I wonder how you can deploy so many satellites in low earth orbit without some kind of incident.

  27. We are camped in Roan Mountain, TN for 4 weeks and have not had cell phone or internet for the first week and a half. I ordered starlink on day two. It arrived yesterday and I must say I must say that I'm glad that we made the purchase. It works great! We will probably be keeping it for the long haul. Between our T-mobile at Home (Which does not work here) and Starlink, I am hoping that we will always have an internet signal wherever we go. THUMBS UP to Starlink for us!

  28. Good info, my thoughts too. After playing around with different equipment and setups. I have settled on my MOFI 5500 with AT&T with a fixed 5G antenna for the RV. Depending on how close to the cell tower I can get 80MBP, even under trees in a state park we were still able to get 40MBP. Starlink wouldn't have worked at all. The only "problem" is that when we are home. I don't turn off the power to RV so the internet still running. The MOFI is so strong of a signal we keep losing our devices keep wanting to switch to that connection. LOL House is just a bit faster on the download speeds, not much tho.

  29. I have had Starlink for 4 months and I am awestruck at the speeds I get. I am in a part of So. Florida that is "not available" for service and I have 152 Mbps speeds. I have travelled to Louisiana, Florida and Georgia and had 235 MBPs ! I have had no drop outs lasting more than 20 seconds and in the total time only one 2 minute outage. I do not have it mounted…Most of the time on the ground and sometimes on the roof of my Toad. As long as you have a clear view of the Northern Sky it works fine. the setup at each stop is quick. I keep the Dishy in the forward Electrical bin under the driver seat and drilled a hole in the bin to the inside and snaked the wire to the modem inside. It connects within 2-5 minutes of powering it up. I don't know the big deal about "in motion". When you are driving you have cell service that is most of the time fine. I have the Starlink Modem connected to my Pepwave Dual Router on my motor home with the Ethernet adapter and I stream everything on my Smart Tv's. This is a game changer. Looking forward to our 4 month trip out west. The frustration of a good signal will be over. Also i have great Cell Phone Wifi calling.

  30. I work full time living full time in my Class C RV. I use about 130GB of data monthly.
    I have a Winegard 360+ antenna, connected to a Gateway modem inside. Which I have wired to my work computer via Ethernet.
    Then I have a Verizon SIM card for their data plan. The equipment was thrown in when I bought the RV, but the 150 GB data plan is $110 per month.
    And it only works when there is average to above avg signal.
    I look forward to Starlink!

  31. Hey, not sure I completely agree with all of the issues or potential issues your raise as in they can be issues with cellular also. No need to bore folks with the detail. If I were part-time, I doubt I could justify Starlink. However, I'm not and recently did an analysis of grading my gear to 5G versus Starlink. The result: equipment would cost basically the same, a little more for 5G, monthly service Starlink is less for me and the increased bandwidth led me to Starlink. There are fixed mounting options (sort of) available so that the dish is up above the RV and wiring fixed. As I type this I am looking at the box, I'm installing tomorrow. Wish me luck. Oh as for in motion, it's just me so I probably should not be watching ERVing youtube while going down the road. lol.

  32. Starlink has changed our lives. Fastest internet service we have ever had, that includes fiber optics. Had it since the beginning of the year. One or two very minor outages. (I mean maybe a couple of minutes). Very easy to install and setup. We are not full time RVers but are still considering using Starlink for our RV. I am seeing more and more RVers with Starlink. If you work on the road, I would highly consider it.

  33. Watched your video on starlinc, I agree with your video. We have had starlinc at home for 2 years now and get is a game changer for our home we can watch TV, security cameras, gaming and work and school. No other internet is available at our home. We have not had any problems.