NEW Nvidia Cards Leaked – RTX 4080 5nm Lovelace & Hopper GPU

NEW Nvidia Cards Leaked – RTX 4080 5nm Lovelace & Hopper GPU
Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series next gen GPUs just got leaked online, and they may be releasing sooner than we originally thought. If these leaks are true, the RTX 4080 will be on a 5nm node, and could be a huge improvement in terms of performance. The RTX 4000 series was originally going to be code named Hopper and would be an MCM design, but it was delayed and now will be replaced by a 5nm monolithic die code named Lovelace.

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RAM: 16GB @ 3800MHz 15 14 14 14 (1.47V):
CPU R9 3900XT @ 4.55GHz:
GPU: RTX 2080Ti FE +115 Core +1000 Mem:
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62:
2.5TB PCIE/SSD storage:
Case: Thermaltake Core X71:


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  1. At the first launch day, all bitcoin miner already grab it. And here we go again, out of stock for half year

  2. Nvidia should really delay the 40 series an extra year just so stocks for the 30 series can catch up and nvidia can do a proper refresh batch plus ti cards getting plenty of limelight. Also, it would encourage pc game developers to optimise their games on lower hardware instead of racing to cram as much polygons in as possible for the next 2 year cycle

  3. 5:00 It would be funny for the R&D spent to develop a product line which ends up making no money due to manufacturing supply shortage leading the way to next gen.

  4. Who doesn't cares about 4000 series?
    I can't find any excitement for 4000 series. I used to be more excited for this stuff. Idk man

  5. i want the 8080 ti, or the 7070 super, but by a long shot, maybe just maybe, the 9090

  6. 6900XT crush RTX 3090 so imagine what AMD will unleash against this adorable new GPU's from nVidia!

    Also …nVidia lack technology and engineers to create 5nm Crystal!

  7. AS ALWAYS with nVidia… the important word here is.. COULD BE… since RTX 2000 and 3000 series has been very much MEH compared to the now ancient GTX 1080Ti (nVidia LIED about RTX 2000 and 3000 series so I expect more lies about RTX 4000 series… besides… we can't trust ANY nVidia reviews any more… not after nVidia shot themselves in the foot… and it was NOT like the reviews were THAT reliable to begin with… RTX cards have been praised despite being pretty MEH)

  8. sorry my peanut brain got lost – release date, speculative performance increase & cost please-

  9. I really heard about 8080Ti but can't tell y'all. It's matter of guessing.😂😂

  10. NVIDIA: 5nm we are awesome
    AMD: 7nm I will beat you
    INTEL: Guys wait a second I am twice bigger thar you I can't keep up

  11. On the plus side the 3080s will probably run everything maxed out for another 3 years atleast it will with dlss. Or this will be Nvidia's way of admitting 10gb Vram really isnt enough for 4k in the near future.

  12. Who cares if this even comes out in 2021? It will sell for as much as a house on ebay by all the scalpers for a year before you will be able to get a 3080 for RRP.

  13. This is why I don't get the hype behind the 3080 Ti. No current games are pushing above 10 GB of VRAM, and by the time they are the 4080 or 5080 will be out. AMD and Nvidia are so close right now they are both going to be trying hard to outperform each other next fall so the generational jump is going to be huge again and those cards will outpace the 3080 Ti. It's just going to be an expensive card that is future proofed for a future where it will already be obsolete.

  14. NVIDIA have no idea. They are either morons or c*%ts or both. I bet the 4080 will be in $1500 vicinity. Gaming is just getting too expensive espec with stuff getting superceded so quickly.

  15. Ah the prototype GPU leaks
    Keep a deep eye on Micron since Nvidia loves milking Micron on GDDR stuff

  16. What did The RTX 4080 say to the 3090, 3080 and 3070, and 3060Ti? I am your wildest dream and nightmare Sucka!! Show me the Money, Buuitch!!, Cant touch this!! I am a Bot sucka!

  17. sorry nvidia but ur product is out of stock and overpriced as heck, rtx and dlss and +5fps dont worth it, it’s time to go for Amd…

  18. Given that 3080 is a card that only exists in the realm of unicorns and costs exactly 5.3 unicorn bloody tears, I am not surprised to see a leak video for 4080 or 7080 for that matter. Who's in for moar corporate paperlaunch fraud and scalpers that by now should have been put to death by violent mutilation?

  19. yee rtx 4080 and radeon 8k for pure 8k gaming reaching 120+ fps good idea isnt it?

  20. So the current gpu hasnt even been out for 6 months, and there is already leaks of a 4080. What the fuck ever man.

  21. Umm, if you loop the first 2s of the video, "I just got my RTX" makes a pretty sick beat.

  22. Behavior is strange, it's almost like they are in a rush. Are they rushing to push out as much old tech as they can? Quantum computers are on the horizon.

    The ultra elites are already cooking up the perfect crisis to usher in the transition to a quantum internet.🤔


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