14 iPhone SE 3 Battery Saving Tips

David & David tell you about 14 iPhone SE 3 battery saving tips. The iPhone SE 2022 has a 2,018 mAh battery. While that is about 10% bigger than the iPhone SE 2, it is much smaller than the battery in the iPhone X. The additional “upgrade” of 5G may have a negative impact on battery life too.

We’ll show you how to optimize your iPhone SE 3 so it doesn’t run out of battery life in the middle of the day!

1. iPhone SE 3 Battery mAh (milliamp hours) [0:03]
2. iPhone Analytics [0:13]
3. Location Services [1:00]
4. System Services [2:34]
5. Significant Locations [4:04]
6. 5G Battery Tips [4:47]
7. Data Roaming [6:00]
8. Battery Settings [6:17]
9. Notifications [7:03]
10. Background App Refresh [8:07]
11. Reduce Motion [9:19]
12. Reduce White Point [9:52]
13. Auto-Brightness [10:49]
14. Push Mail [11:09]
15. Widgets [12:11]

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  1. Maybe lot of ppl not trust me, I'm using 13 Pro Max & everyday I can get 14 hours sot. How: Turn of background services (3 apps only is active // telegram, signal & instagram), no using wallpaper at all in home & lock screen (Pure Black wallpaper) gps turn off, 0 widget, brightness set to 15%, reduce motion, airplane mode on (Only when I at home) just using wifi instead, low power mode active everyday, even my battery already charged to 100% after unplug the cable I set low power mode on again & most of the time my recent apps running only telegram, signal & instagram (3 apps only) if I open another apps & after finish it just close it from the recent apps. That's how I get 14 hours SOT… 😂

  2. Hey guys, love your channel. I have a question that’s not a big problem, but a little annoyance. I use AirPods Pro & when I turn my hybrid car on with that has Bluetooth after my music is playing from my iPhone 13 mini, it cuts to the car’s Bluetooth. Can I set up the AirPods not to switch over to the car, but stay playing on my AirPods that are already playing on my phone? Sometimes it’s a little hassle to get the music back playing on my AirPods. Thank you & I’ll keep watching

  3. As soon as I did what was suggested only ten minutes into video I can’t scan stuff as the app said it can no longer her find my location despite having it on while using app. Now I got to go back through and undo everything and try to figure it out

  4. Thank you so much for much needed info , I’m currently using a SE 2020 my question is how do I get apps from taking up a lot of gigs on my 64 gb phone , Facebook is already taking up 16 gb and I’m already used 50gb out of 64gb and getting worried it’ll run out soon

  5. Thanks guys brilliant as always! 👍 Maybe you or one of your followers can help me, because gosh knows the Verizon techs nor the Apple store was any use whatsoever… One day going into Safari everything became tiny and I don't know why. The screens, the content, and all the words. Nobody knows how to fix it, and I'm too old to read that tiny 💩. Thanks!