Nvidia And AMD Won’t Like THIS!

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Here’s the GPU prices you should be paying, RX 7000 officially gets better ray tracing performance, Nvidia’s new GPU is confirmed, Ryzen 7000 APUs are near a 3060 and AMD updates old GPUs! Stay tuned…

Download AMD’s new legacy driver:

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Old AMD GPUs Getting Update
2:17 Ryzen 7000 APUs Equal RTX 3060
3:31 Nvidia’s New GPU Confirmed
4:12 RX 7000 Gets Better Ray Tracing
5:22 GPU Prices You Should Be Paying!


  1. When you consider the price of that new APU, DDR5 RAM with terrible timings and also high price and new motherboards with probably also high price, screw it. Dedicated GPUs with older CPU, motherboard and RAM will probably be better option.

  2. That 1630 is low end 1080P gaming I guess it will have the Nvidia Benefits that come with.. Not that AMD doesn't have their own benefits, But It's a $100 card at best.. That extra 50 Bucks is for the Nvidia Name..

  3. There are a few people who have made video's showing Mostly DX11 and Open GL Performance Gains, Big gains depending on the game.. A lot of DX11 Games got anywhere from 10% to 60% performance increases depending on the cards Benchmarked.. This doesn't help as much for new games on DX12 and Vulcan but for people who still play older games like me this was a huge increase in performance, Again on DX11 Games. And Windows 11 Came out with an Open GL that targets The new and some Older AMD Cards for more performance too..

  4. I am waiting for the next generation to buy an old generation card. This should drop prices. I want a 3080 for 500 Euros, maybe that won't happen, but I can still hope.

  5. Gpu decade old wont run good with new drivers. Legacy or not. Hell even early rx series will loose performance with newest drivers. Amd and nvidia know how to make people with old gpus buy new one. Any old gou can run okay with drivers from guru3d. Dont expect any performance gains but sure wont run so slugish as with official drivers…

  6. The new driver is doing something strange with my R9 280X in RDR2 (I´m using DX with additional tweaks to use high textures) and suddently GPU usage fluxuate between 60-90% (not getting above anymore no matter what I try) it also doesn´t go above 30fps while playing but therefore frametime has improved a lot. And no, no framecap or sync mode used to explain the sudden 30fps cap with the new driver. With the old one I was between 30-50fps but frametime all over the place. In the end smoother gameplay and drawing a little less power so I´m cool with that, have to check if Timeshift performance has improved as well, started to replay it and performance was kinda stuttery.

  7. i bought a 1080ti for 700 so i expect the xx80ti to be in the same league around the 700-800 mark. just great to see those price analytics here. Defenitly going to wait until prices come down around that price range.

  8. I have a 1070, and I don't feel any need to upgrade. Got it brand new for a price bellow msrp 4 years ago. And there hasn't been a game it can't run at 1080p at 60fps.
    Game developers won't make games that desire that much horse power any time soon anyway. So paying like 2k for a Gpu puts you in my retards list( unless it makes you money)

  9. Hey thanks for sharing that AMD has released new drivers for the Legacy graphics cards, I'm still using one of the Legacy cards myself the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X OC.
    I'm downloading the driver as I'm writing this comment so to give you an answer if it improves anything I can't right now, but I'll come back and let you know if I see any improvement or not… I'll drop you another comment below.

  10. 6:05
    Tuesday June 28, 2022
    Pressured (by store*) into buying an EVGA FTW3 Ultra Gaming nVidia 3080 Ti for $1,499.99 Can. ($1,165.06 US) today.
    That's a 59.38% overcharge from the charts suggested price of me paying only $941.14 Can. ($731 US) for it.
    There was a combined 12% sales tax on top of that amount.
    The full price was $1679.99 Can. ($1,304.87 U.S.).
    Hope it doesn't haunt me too much in the near future, say, the next 45 days.

    * Hard to explain the reason behind this. They had a good case.

  11. I just bought a rtx 3070 because my AMD HD 5850 was a bit old 🤣 I was so excited it would be on the list.