Apple Should COPY the Oppo Find N, The Best Foldable

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  1. Don’t you think that since they separated iOS and iPadOS that means a foldable isn’t coming? Why separate what used to be 1OS into 2 if you then have a device that runs 2 “individual” OS’s. That’s why I think Apple won’t make a foldable

  2. No no no. I solely believe they are gonna make the perfect one with compromises. You separate displays that have no side bezels so you can have a glass screen without durability issues

  3. Foldables might be a small market but there is so much potential. Only when Apple makes it will people start to care about foldables. The same things was said about the early phablets. Reasons why Mr. Mobile still continues to get thousands of views on his foldable series. People are interested, it's just too expensive right now.

  4. 0 cares about the Oppo Find N. It’s as pointless as every other foldable. I was so annoyed the day Marques Brownlee and everyone else put out videos about it!

  5. I’d be happy if they copy Oppos foldable but they should improve on the displays, namely foldedscreen and make it also 120hz if larger display is also 120hz

  6. Fun Fact: Like 5 years ago I thought how Apple would approach foldables and I thought of a phone with two hinges to make the real Z fold. And I took the rumored screen size and aspect ratio of the iPhone X and when you put 3 of these displays side to side we have a screen that has a 3:4 aspect ratio that is perfect for iPadOS. I now this would be way harder to achieve and really a brick in you pocket but at least you really get some added screen real estate. And there would be NO NEED for a secondary display

  7. I’m a Galaxy Z fold 2 user and I don’t think the foldables are objectively better then slab phones in many meaningful ways. The inner display might be good for gaming, but content consumption isn’t very good. In my experience I rarely watch videos on my fold because the landscape orientation aspect ratio is barely bigger than what standard size phone displays offer and pinching to zoom into the video cuts literally 50% of the content. So yeah, not very useful. The cameras are also decidedly sub-par because of space constraints.

  8. With these UGLY, not matching rounded corners of the inner screen – I highly doubt that this thing was in development for 4 years 😂

    For me, I said from the very first day that Samsung should fold it this way… it just is much better. It gives a normal form factor when closed AND it actually gives more room for the battery.

    Your argument for why Apple probably won't make a foldable because it's too niche doesn't work tho. An entire device is something ENTIRELY different than a phone that already exists and just switch the storage Modul for a 1TB one. Which is a million times easier.

  9. Considering how they’ve gone in recent times, the iPhone Fold probably won’t arrive until every other manufacturer has put out their Folding phone attempt and get the display manufacturing capacity to where Apple needs it.

  10. I’m actually lucky I got the 1 TB option because currently I have a little over 500 Gb left of what I had. So if all I had was the 512 I would be basically out of storage 😂 I understand I’m the rare person who just puts everything on their phone but it is a real problem

  11. The smart phone market need some new ideas and new competitors to push those old companies … especially when u see 120hz finally on iPhone 13 after so many years

  12. The z fold 3 has been great in my experience since day one. I can do actual work and enjoy content on a larger and more immersive screen all on the go. It's very durable, and I honestly cannot go back to a regular phone and it's the reason I switched from apple. The only nitpick I have is the aspect ratio of the outer display, so I hope samsung adopts the design schema that oppo implemented.

  13. I dun think it’s a good idea from an economic stand point as the technology/materials are still in primitive stage & just to appease a handful of ppl In the market to get criticise for phone poor quality issues where the screen are a joke as they are right now. As they aren’t even revolutionary & are just for Showing off purposes. And most of all Apple will know when to promote a product when they are confident enough.

  14. I think you are right. If I could have an iPhone and iPad Mini in a combined device, I would bite. Right now I have an iPhone and iPad Mini in my EDC and I definitely use both of them…. Although, I do sometimes need to have both devices operating at the same time…. But having the best of both in a single device would be nice and could cut down on the weight of everything I carry on an EDC basis. But would have to see how it is implemented, although I might still have to go the current route I am now.

  15. Foldable is an Android thing Apple don’t want that.. even punch hole is an Android thing that’s why Apple don’t want to copy that.

  16. Well, I see the ditching of the mini as a „well, we gave them what they wanted. They‘ll get their next phone in 5 years anyways so no need to produce it anually.“
    Basically the market is full right now, but in a few years they can rinse and repeat it.
    Or at least I hope that‘s the case.

  17. Note on a new SE idea; I think a xr looking phone but smaller (5.2-5.6 inches) for like $399 would be good i guess. Really assuming it came out after the 14 it should have a 12 mini design but they won't do that for profit margins.

  18. I want apple to make a foldable where the cover screen is just like a 13 pro max and the design in this, when closed it should feel like a normal phone

  19. I think that if a apple device has a flat camera it would be the foldable. I also feel like apple would integrate some sort of titanium locking bar mechanism that will allow the device to be held more confidently while unfolded but easily fold up. Probably some sort of automatic detection like resting the palm below your thumbs onto both far edges of the display. Of course I think this is something they’ll be able to pull off considering it would almost definitely cost $2,999 at a minimum and not ship with more than 256gb base. Maybe still 128gb

  20. Even a well polished foldable phone is no good for me.
    Waterproofing and durability are way more important then the gimmick of having a "sort of tablet" to look at.

  21. I would much rather see them split the phone into two, one part containing the radio and battery, and a screen that connects via Bluetooth you hold in your hand with just a small battery.

  22. if apple ever does go foldable, I hope they would do both a flip & a fold like samsung. i feel like an iphone flip (if priced well lol) would be pretty popular.