Chrome OS Flex – Turn An Old Laptop Into a Chromebook

Google has release a new version of Chrome OS, one that is designed to be installed on just about any PC or Laptop. It is free and basically turns an old Windows laptop into a powerful Chromebook running Chrome OS!

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  1. I was confused if I wanted an app, an extension or a theme in the Google store. But all i wanted was an email client. I couldn't find one. Just Gmail. 😭

  2. I rather have people use the one true way to compute, but ChromeOS just makes sense for mass adoption and anything that terminates windows faster is always welcomed

  3. Tried installation. However after installation, and get started it took me to connect to network page. on the page it says To restore your data, connect to the internet and i am failing to connect to internet

  4. Hi Gary, itseems like Linux development(crostini) does not work in chrome os flex. You mentioned that you were able to successfully install it on your machine. Can you please share the stepts?

  5. The thing is I don't use chrome as a browser on anything and I am not going to go through the steps of installing chrome on another machine then installing an extension on the browser I just installed to download the OS to a USB drive. Now I am not 100% certain, so don't quote me on this, but I heard once that google had a couple of file storage servers around and if they already have a website for Chrome OS Flex then why can't I just download the install files from there? I went to the website and it had a massive "Try Chrome OS Flex" button but clicking that goes to a web form that will then have them email me instructions on installing it. Then I realised that when I searched for "Chrome OS Flex" the first link was for the Enterprise version, not the Average Person version of the OS. Going back and scrolling down the search results, the next hit was to another google page definitely aimed at the average user, not enterprise environments. This page had a "Try Chrome OS Flex" button so I clicked that and it immediately took me back to the previous enterprise oriented page. And that was when I realised that I was never going to install this. I was willing to use this one google product (The OS) but it's infuriating that you can ONLY use google products to install it (downloading via Chrome browser is compulsory). Especially because before you could go to the website and download it happily on any browser, before google bought the original company. If I wanted to be forced into an ecosystem then I would be using a mac, but I want to not be forced into an ecosystem so this is just annoying.

  6. Installed it on a Surface 3 and Dell XPS, bluetooth does not work on both. Linux also got an error message when I tried turning it on in the Surface. Already reported these to Chrome. Otherwise it's very easy to use. Minimalistic too.

  7. This is a very smart move by Google from a business perspective. The release of windows 11 has created a huge gap in the market full of PCs that have no upgrade path (your average computer user isn't going to figure Linux out unfortunately). Chrome OS Flex could fill that gap. You might wonder how Google profits from this since they're giving it away for free, but think about this long term. If you switch to Chrome OS and like it, the next time you plan to buy a laptop you might feel compelled to buy one of those cheaper Chrome books over a more expensive windows machine.

    I downloaded this on a cheap laptop with a Celeron N2840 and 2GB of ram and I can say it runs pretty well.

  8. It gave new life to a 12 year old laptop that I had sitting in my closet for years. It's remarkable how light it is on resources even on an older machine with older hardware. Its works perfectly even for an OS that's still in beta. I think this will be the next big thing for people who just want to use their PC's to check email, social media and use a word processor once in a while and can't afford a new machine or don't want to spend hundreds buying a new Windows PC. Best off all it's FREE! Kudos to google!

  9. I have done this ten times and although the Google 'G' appears at first, it goes dark and nothing else happens. I have watched five Utube channels and it all seems so simple. I even bought a new pen drive and nothing.

  10. Tried all that, but it didn't work. My acer laptop didn't recognize there was a USB drive in it and now I can't get into the drive in order to remove the data and use it again for anything else. Any help?

  11. Had a play with it about a week ago and installed it on a usb to run directly from that. Booted a windows machine on it with no problem and then booted a 2013 MacBook Air. Amazingly it worked fine on the Air too. One problem connecting to my home wifi but it worked perfectly with my hotspot. Hilarious to see a MacBook booting into chrome. Worth it just for that. Don’t have a use case yet, but you never know. Kinda handy to have your own pc on a thumb drive on your key ring.

  12. I try multiple times and dont work,stuck with back up….and thats is 😔.Try different USB , 2.0 ,3,1 …from 16gb to 32gb…same…rufus with iso ,same….

  13. Without Android apps Chrome OS flex is nothing more than just a browser honestly. You can't really do anything apart from using basic web apps. Old machines can be run with Linux as well if you're willing to use XFCE etc. At least you'll have a lot more options and flexibility.

  14. I installed Chromw OS Flex on my daughter's 2 year old laptop and it now has no wifi and no USB capability so I cannot pop a wifi dongle in. Using an ethernet cable works, but this laptop is now bricked. I checked the chipset and her laptop's chipset was not on the list of those whose wifi won't work. So I've now had to buy her a chromebook to replace this and hope that an update comes which will address this.

  15. I will never be able to install this on anything until I get out of this country.
    It requires Google services before getting the ability to connect VPN

  16. When I clicked on try using usb option, it got stuck in the network page and it couldn't recognize my WiFi hardware(driver). What can I do. Should I install using Lan cable and then try to find the driver?

  17. I put chrome OS flex on a end of life DELL Chromebook 11 3120. In order to install it I had to flash a custom bios. I used directions on installing windows 10 OS on a Chromebook to get the insulation procedure for the custom bios. After the bios was updated/replaced it was easy to install OS flex. The only problem I have is that the onboard track point controller is not recognized nor is the touchscreen. It works just great if you plug-in an external mouse. That’s my experience so far.

  18. I have a PC from my 2006 which has a AMD processor 64 bit but unfortunately it has only one core unit will it be able to run Chrome OS flex and 1GB of RAM

  19. I put Neverwares Cloud Ready on an old A1181 MacBook and stretched its life another couple years after Apple stopped supporting it. Sadly when Google bought never ware support dwindled for cloud ready and it became unusable on the A1181 sadly. I recycled my macbooks with no future in sight.