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ASUS’ annual waterproof flagship Zenfone 9. (Photo/Photo by reporter Liu Huiqin)

ASUS 2022 waterproof small flagship Zenfone 9 was officially unveiled today (7/28)! The main 5.9-inch AMOLED 120Hz screen adopts a full-screen design with a digging hole. It is equipped with a Qualcomm S8+ Gen 1 “upscaled version” processor chip of TSMC’s four-nanometer process. The body weight remains the same as the previous Zenfone 8. IP68 waterproof and 3.5mm headphone jack. The price of a single machine is more than one thousand yuan more expensive than the previous generation last year, with built-in 8GB memory and 128GB capacity, and the price is 19,990 yuan. It will be sold in ASUS stores, ASUS Stores and major e-commerce platforms in Taiwan tomorrow (7/29). It is expected to be available on all channels in Taiwan next Monday and August 1.

Zenfone 9, which is mainly positioned as a lightweight and small flagship, has a body weight and front screen. Although it looks very similar to the previous generation at first glance, it is very different. This year, the Zenfone 9 is replaced with a larger dual-lens camera module on the back. With the newly enlarged photosensitive element, the overall design of the small change in the appearance of the back of the machine is “super eye-catching”.

ASUS’ annual waterproof flagship Zenfone 9 comes in four colors. (Picture provided by ASUS)

In particular, the back of the machine is also made of a new sandstone textured back cover material, which is not easy to slip and fingerprints and has a soft friction touch. It is matched with white with milk tea tones, and low-key and calm blue, red and black. It can be said that it is the most elegant and powerful machine model since Zenfone of all dynasties.

ASUS’ annual waterproof flagship Zenfone 9 comes in four colors. (Picture provided by ASUS)

The feature of Zenfone 9’s appeal this time is “just feel and better performance”. In addition to being equipped with a flagship processor at the same level as its own flagship ROG Phone 6, the camera shooting, battery life and one-handed control performance are also fully upgraded. A total of three capacity options are launched this year. In addition to the 8G and 128GB version, which is priced at 20,000 yuan, the 8G and 256GB version is also available for 21,990 yuan, and the top-level 16G and 256GB version is priced at 25,990 yuan.

The three major upgrade points include, for the camera part, the dual-lens main camera is equipped with a new dual-lens module with photosensitive elements, which is 40% larger than the previous generation, with greater light input and better low-noise image quality. Zenfone 9 uses a 50-megapixel main camera with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. It also has a 6-axis anti-shake Hybrid gimbal, which integrates optical and electronic anti-shake technologies. Avoid blurring or afterimages. In particular, the long-exposure “light trail” shooting mode is added, and you can take cool and speedy traffic photos with one click.

ASUS’ annual waterproof flagship Zenfone 9 comes in four colors. (Photo/Photo by reporter Liu Huiqin)

In addition, the battery capacity has been increased to 4300mAh, and the skills of one-handed control are better and easier. The side of the fuselage is equipped with a side physical button that integrates power and fingerprint recognition. It also has the function of smart shortcut keys, which can be customized and fast Open apps or gadgets, and there are new “swipe” gestures to quickly view controls such as the notification bar.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Liu Huiqin)

In addition to mobile phones, ASUS has created special mobile phone accessories for Zenfone 9, such as “cache backpack” accessories, which are compatible with all kinds of backpacks, and are convenient for one-handed shooting or live broadcast without worrying about the phone falling. As well as another Zenfone 9 exclusive “Perforated Board” multi-functional mobile phone case, it provides a replacement assembly of a mobile phone holder and a portable card holder, and can be set to customize the application to be opened and executed. For example, when chasing a show, open the mobile phone stand and place it on the table, and you can automatically play Netflix and watch movies. The price information of accessories will be added after ASUS releases it later.

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