iOS 16 revealed in advance!Apple iPhone 14 Pro exclusive “standby screen” becomes super beautiful


More and more evidence shows that the iPhone 14 Pro, which will be released in the fall, is expected to add the “Always on Display” function, but Apple is not just providing a black screen. According to the information disclosed in the iOS 16 code, it will be able to match the tablecloth .

According to the foreign media “9to5mac”, in the iOS 16 Beta 4 version, it was found that Apple’s built-in system wallpaper can be matched with “Always Display”, it will enter a state marked as “Sleep”, and the screen display will change to faded. The style is similar to the face of the Apple Watch section.

(Picture/Photo taken by 9to5mac)

“9to5mac” provides a practical example. The “Clownfish” wallpaper that has recently returned in the developer version can be matched with it. Once it enters the “Always Display” state, the overall color will become dark green, leaving only a white pattern on the clownfish. , it is estimated that the intention is to reduce the power consumption of the screen. Compared with the Always on Display, which is common in Android, most of them only display the clock and some notification icons.

Based on relevant news, Apple will add “Always Display” to the two high-end models of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max to differentiate product positioning. How much does it actually affect battery life? Still waiting for an official announcement.

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