Upcoming 2022 Anime Funko Pop Release Date Update | Demon Slayer | Naruto | Boruto | Attack On Titan

Upcoming 2022 Anime Funko Pop Release Date Update | Demon Slayer | Naruto | Boruto | Attack On Titan

Today we have an Anime Release Date Update Video! This is all the current dates, months and eta’s that are known!

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  1. Hey man, we appreciate the time and effort you put in editing and researching Funko updates. You're my go-to guy! I'm looking forward to those Dragon Ball Super pops

  2. I’ve actually had Tamaki for about a week now, I just walked in to my local hot topic and wasn’t expecting much but I was surprised, there was around 30 and I got two not sure why they’re putting out stock early

  3. Hey, tamaki went live yesterday around 5pm on hot topic online 245 pieces but sold out within 45 seconds according to funkopopnews page. I'm currently waiting for tamaki, eri uniform, twice both, and I wished I could of bought kurama susano and perfect susank

  4. the December dates are actually wrong for Tokyo Ghoul:re and Black Clover, because those are only placeholder releases on Amazon, since they always do that. they are actually both estimated for April-May. very informal video! 🔥

  5. I think you could really branch out your content to attract more viewers while still uploading a lot of content that your original audience knows and loves you for. You make great content and you could start posting small videos here and there talking about other pops that you’re excited for or scouting

  6. I think its cool that they are making the Attack On Titan waves based on seasons. Excited for this wave but even more excited for whatever wave we get next because I would LOVE season 4 Eren.

  7. I order Shanks from the first wave back on April 29, 2021 and it said "Receive in Warehouse – Reserved For Your Order" it has been like that since November and still nothing.