Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Case with S-Pen review

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This $70 S Pen/case combo won’t turn your S21 Ultra into a Galaxy Note.

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  1. Thanks man, this helped me a lot to decide – against this thing (you confirmed my exact same concerns I had about it), you saved me some money🙂

  2. I'm left handed. Oddly everything about the Ultra is oriented for a left hander. The pen is on the left side so great for us lefties, all the button are on the right side and none on the left side so the thumb is free to press the side buttons without any accidental button presses with the other fingers, if you hold the phone with your right hand as most lefties do, the camera bump is in a great location. I don't think it was intentional but there you have it. This phone is a left handers dream.

  3. I like the video,but in my opinion it's the same as the note accept for a few differences the ability to pair with your camera etc…..I never really used my s-pen when I had my note 10 phone,then I upgraded to my now s21 ultra 5g and the experience with this phone is amazing and I got the s21 ultra case with s-pen I just really like having the s-pen whenever I need to use it.

  4. I watched first 5 min. the guy talks and some video plays along but no actual shots of the case, phone and pen is not disiplayed only talk and comments

  5. Hope that Samsung Will Merge The Note Series into S Series like making another Model and Naming (Example: Galaxy S21 Note) So they can come along together with Galaxy S21, and S21 Ultra

  6. I just ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as having a case for S-Pen just irks me. I did pick me up a Galaxy 4 watch classic for about $130 with a $100 trade-in of a Gear S3 watch classic. If I would have bought a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra they would have only gave me $230 trade-in for a Note 9, but since I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Samsung gave me a $400 trade-in for the Note 9 and an additional $200 instant credit. You really got to know what you're doing when you buy directly from Samsung as they will literally screw you over.

  7. I'm wondering if the S-Pen can take selfies? I often climb or hike alone and my FAVORITE thing about the Note is that I can set my camera in a tree and step back about 10 feet and have a cute selfie of me and some mountains in the background. Anyone?

  8. It collected all the dust from the desk at the moment I opened it :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    And the hole on the left feels awful when you take out the S Pen. :(((((((((((((((