Apple Fanboy Tries a Windows Laptop (for a week)

The choice between MacBooks and Windows laptops is easy…or is it?

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00:00 Introduction
00:43 The Windows Laptop
01:09 Windows 11
02:52 Performance/Battery Life
04:15 Pricing and Resale Value
06:05 Why One Is Not Better Than The Other

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  1. try using the ASUS X515 u cant donload some apps on it its good for work but thats probably it

  2. I hope someone will eventually merge macos, windows, and linux into one super os as all fo them have advantages and disadvantages. but the biggest disadvantage windows has is security and mac and linux have less compatibility than windows but have better security. Although someone did make a linux desktop that looks like windows but it is still linux

  3. what you haven't mentioned in performance and battery life is that apple macbooks aren't actually faster/better the only better ones are the ARM based ones like the M1 M2 etc because they are efficient compared to an x86/amd64 laptop that is designed to be compatible with everything including dos games

    you dont have to be plugged in 24/7 for maximum performance that's just something Lenovo prefers (the manufacturer of your laptop)

  4. I Use A Windows Laptop As My Day To Day Laptop. And The Battery Life Sucks And No Its Not Some $10 Laptop From Wish. Its A $900 Dollar Laptop From Best Buy. My Broken $300 Laptop Lasted Me Like 5 – 6 Hours. While This One Lasts Like 2. Also Sound On This $900 PC Is Really Bad. The Speakers Are ON THE BACK OF THE PC! And I'm Not Talking Where The Display Housing Is I'm Talking SSD, CPU, And IG (Integrated Graphics)

  5. I like Mac but I prefer Windows. I just like macs performance better than Windows but Windows performance is not the worst. Ehhm ehhmmm chromebooks

  6. So easy, want gaming go to Windows want video editing go to Apple, want both stay on Windows

  7. Soldered SSD on macbook is pretty sad. They are not long lasting machines like old generations plus they are super hard to repair. I think that the resale value will be very different for macs in the future.

  8. I have a M1 Mac Mini and 2 NASs in my network and never had a problem connecting to either one

  9. sir you must go for intel 12 gen laptops which are legion 5i pro 2022with 12700h, asus scar strix 17 2022. these will do better video editing than m1 max laptops.

  10. me playing minecraft with a shitty texture pack bc my 2017 mac cant handle and still getting 100 degrees. My screen broke and they told me to fucking pay 500 usd for a shitty display. For me macs are to weak for me even though i dont play much video games and if i do i go easy on my mac with minecraft. Macs are just for light work like doing google slides or some stuff but overall for me its shit

  11. apple gets the monopoly for phones but windows gets the monopoly for laptops and desktops

  12. Lmao, what an apple fanboy. U compare with rtx laptop but u never mention about how shit mac gaming

  13. If Macs refresh every 2 to 3 years then why do we see a pro model from 19,20 and 21???

  14. Something that really annoys me about consumers in the laptop space is comparing a $500 windows machine, made for people who want to squeeze as much performance out of a low price range as possible, to a $3000 MacBook and calling Windows cheap.

  15. You are comparing a Macbook to a gaming laptop, no gaming laptop is ever gonna have a decent battery life, that's not what they're designed to be. And of course you need to be plugged in in order have the best possible perfomance, might bother some, on the other hand, the Apple's raw perfomance doesn't go anywhere near the raw power of Nvidia's RTX 3080. You're comparing to different products, aiming at two different groups of people.

  16. I've had nothing but negative experiences with my MacBook, and it's got to the point that if I am to ever see the ceo of apple, I may need to run away to prevent myself from assaulting him. My hatred for apple because of this 2020 MacBook has skyrocketed, and is only increasing

  17. For me the Keyboard of the MacBook was confusing at first as I used only Windows for my whole life

  18. Just got the new Asus G14 and it’s my first windows machine since 2011. When I swiped four fingers and W11’s expose ripoff showed up I laughed. Love Windows 11 so far.

  19. I just bought a MacBook and wanted to sell my "old" Laptop because I dont need it anymore. The resell part in this video really is a thing. I just can't sell it. It cost me about 800€ 2 1/2 years ago and I think it easily is still worth 400€ but no one wants it. I tried ebay, facebook and so on. Purchasing websites don't even have the model listed so I can't sell it to them (and if so, it's like 180€). I really don't know how to sell this thing for a reasonable price…

  20. I used a Lenovo Y50 (960M/i7-4720HQ) for the last half of my high school and all of college, being strapped to a charger for maximum performance means never sitting away from a wall even if it means being to the bottom of the classroom. I was lucky if I got more than 1 1/2 hours of battery life in power saving mode with the brightness to a minimum and enjoying miserable performance. And now they complain about not getting more than 6 hours of battery life on their laptops with unicorn lights and dozens of teraflops. I would have killed for that kind of autonomy. 😂

  21. Command/shift/g in finder. Once I figured that out it became super easy, using the key bind above will allow you to search via path so for example you press
    cmd/shift/g -> /desktop/ -> shows all desktop folders, you can do the same for other hidden folders that are a pain in the ass to find.

  22. Every windows laptop is also a linux laptop, or android, or chromebook, even freeBSD if you want. Macbooks can't say the same

  23. I have the legion 7 but just purchased Macbook Pro 14 m1 for work. The legion is a perfect beast … can handle anything but it suffers from 3 things.
    1. battery runs for about 1.5 hours (if you do not restart it in order to use the integrated graphics).
    2. it is a heavy laptop
    3. It's components are proprly cooled but its body stays warm just browsing the web in chrome. If you play a game … you can put eggs on top of it near the display and you will have a free cooked dinner.

  24. Not really a fair comparison as these are completely different types of laptops: one is a gaming laptop, the other is built for video editing. In addition, the 3080 is far beyond anything built by Apple in terms of graphics processing power. Even the top M1 chips only perform at about the same level as a 3060.

  25. Macs don't have touchscreens
    Not enough hardware options for Macs
    I don't always like MacOS' ways of performing tasks
    Windows computers don't get insane battery life or performance unplugged
    My 2 year old $2200 32gb Windows machine is worth $200 for trade in
    The fans on my windows laptop are loud.
    There is no perfect solution. IMO Apple makes great hardware but I prefer Windows as a platform

  26. A very honest comparison. There are to many one sided reviews of both systems..
    In the end, it all depends on the task that should be the decider of which type of Laptop you should choose.

  27. hey just a heads up a RTX laptop can render videos at the same speed if unpluged or not, this is true anyway for Davinvi Resolve, the performace that you are talking about that is missing, isn't that only for games?, also if you would like to increas battery life on your windows laptop you can turn on eather Hybrid graphics, Graphic auto sellect or even optimus, in total on my Alienware X15 R2 I am getting 10 hr of youtube video playback at 50% brightness and volume

  28. I use both he M1 MacBook Air & a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. I love both platforms for different reasons. I'd give the M1 a very, very alight edge due to the battery life.

  29. dont pick 1 pick all of them have a desktop that can run windows and linux and just have your laptop be a mackbook pro

  30. You can equally and accurately say MacOS looks a lot like Windows. They're both desktop operating systems from the 80s. Same heritage.

  31. Is Macbook a good idea for learning programming, I mean Thats the unix base system So that should be a good idea instead of Linux?

  32. The problem with windows laptop is a lot like phones i feel — the market is saturated with various options for every individual's budget from mid-rangers to high-ends that it gets hard to choose. There's also the update factor where some laptops will get the next Win update and others won't or if they try to, they'll crash (speaking from my own exp as well). Apple, in these regards, have it figured out which makes them better value in money spent long-term (imo). While they are not perfect laptops, and windows have their use cases as well, i agree that as someone who wants a mobile, more battery w/o performance sacrifice experience, even for binge-watching shows on my living room sofa, I think the mac would do the job much better than windows laptops because anything more than 3+hrs needs you to be tethered to a charger which is so annoying


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