Pixel 6a vs Pixel 6: WHERE is the $150 difference?!

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Should you pay that extra $150 or go with the Pixel 6a? Here’s what you need to know.

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00:00 – Intro
00:09 – Sponsor message
00:57 – Design, hardware and material differences
1:52 – 60 vs 90Hz
2:22 – Tensor chip and internal specifications
3:05 – Software and update schedule
4:05 – Battery life and charging
5:10 – Camera hardware changes
6:24 – Which should you choose and why?
7:41 – Sponsor offer

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  1. Google please consider some Special Pixel bonuses for STORAGE, e.g. half price Google One storage, or 1-2 yr free 3mo is nothing. We're picking your hardware can't you give us a bonus? I know you don't need to but you'd have one happy clan.

  2. I fail to see any significant difference between
    4a5G(free comp unlimited uploads) and
    6a(new shell & tensor)

    I think it shows just how good the older models were.

    6a: Same Cameras, Smaller Battery, Smaller screen(not a bad thing), Same Charge Speed, Same Screen res, Similar (possibly worse) Performance, Slower fingerprint scanner.

    7a might be the one to get, if there is any change..

  3. I have the 6 Pro for my work phone…seems only a good series for those who want the open android market, but can't be bothered to actually know how to use it…its a hand holding phone, just like iPhones. But for the minor difference in price, the 6a is trash. Stick with at least the base 6.

  4. Where is the $150 difference? Well for starters, there is no wireless charging on the 6A nor is there a pretty good size screen. Along with a IP67 water resistance. You're basically bump down in numbers here because the camera is still pretty good. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. In India the price difference is mere 20 Euros however Google hasn't launched the pixel 6 officially here. So we have the imported version without warranty. I want to buy the phone for my wife, my preference is towards Pixel 6 due to more features including better camera and the issues some reviewers have reported on pixel 6a including flawed fingerprint sensor.
    What do you guys suggest?

  6. Can someone tell me why camera send to be a major focus of new phones it seems to be the biggest selling point for all the new phones how much quality do I need to take photos of my dog

  7. I was surprised to see a working demo of the PIxel 6A at my local Best Buy today (7/24/2022). Nice device, but I don't need a new phone just yet.

  8. If I was in the market now, I'd get the Pixel 6A, b/c I prefer smaller phones with "solid" performance. I'll keep using my Pixel 5 for at least one more year.

  9. i got that slim phnx case, but an aliexpress carbon fiber. same profile and slimness. i would like to try how the material feels on the phnx

  10. In the US Google is giving $300 for Pixel 4a and older Pixels. So I got the 6a. I tired to see if the deal applied to the Pixel 6 but it did not, I would get $85 for my 4a on trade for a Pixel 6. Plus Pixel A buds are free if you order a 6a. At those prices I'm fine with an "a" phone. Actually I was fine with my 4a for the past 2 years I just got bored and wanted a new phone.

  11. Don't waste ur money. This phone is barely offering anything significant for the price (and too many compromises at this range). There are much better Android alternatives.

  12. For the little bit extra more money I have to go with the pixel 6. But even for the price of you pre order you get the pixel a buds too for free so there is saving for $100 so then it is worth it for that I say if you are on a buget

  13. I live in the US and I went to buy the Pixel 6 direct from Google and they only offered me up to an $80 trade-in for my Pixel 4a. I removed the 6 from the cart and chose the 6a instead and they offered up to a $300 trade-in for my 4a and gave me a free pair of the $99 Pixel Buds A-Series. I'll wait and see if they offer such a great trade-in on my soon to arrive 6a when the Pixel 8 comes out next year.

  14. No 3.5 mm headphone jack? No good 🙁 . Bluetooth in real life doesn't work well enough. Not having a headphone jack makes this phone unusable for many people. Poor choice on Google's part. I hope they do better for the next one.

  15. There's really absolutely no reason to buy 6a when you can buy the so much better flagship quality Pixel 6 for only 50-100 bucks more. Also, Pixels don't age particularly well, It's sad to see Google bottling their a series, which has always been fan favorite.

  16. I don't want 50 mb camera files, I prefer a smaller size phone, I like the longer update. I will probably wait for the PIxel 7 and do a comparison with it.

  17. Would definitely go with a pixel 6
    6a is too much of a downgrade and with the up coming pixel 7 on the way the 6 would still get a price cut

  18. I still don't understand why they release the "a" so close to the launch of the next years model this year being the 7.
    As for me, I got a 6 Pro 2 weeks after release and apparently am lucky because I've never had an issue with it.

  19. I'm only here to read the comments, I don't even want a new phone. My OnePlus 7 Pro is still working like a champ! My favorite phone ever! Also only cost me $450 for the 256gb version.

  20. I own a pixel 4a 5g(partially cracked) and a pixel 6 pro. Really cannot understand why the 6a still has a gorilla glass 3 in the display!! Another thing I cannot get is Samsung offers 4 year system updates and 5 for security.pixels, phone for Google only 3 android updates!

  21. in Italy the price difference is 120 euros, the 6 is better on all fronts but the 6a costs more than 100 euros less and is smaller, I think it will be my first pixel 😊

  22. Are the pixel series really plagued with as many software issues as people say?

    I have a OnePlus 7 Pro that was screwed over battery-wise via updates. The power of a 6 or 6 Pro would be fine, but after the problems I've had with OnePlus software, I really just want zero fuss. I've never been so tempted to go to apple because of this, but I don't want the walled garden.

  23. Currently I can trade in my old iPhone 8 that’s just collecting dust for $280 credit towards a pixel 6a and a free pair of pixel-a buds. So
    Out the door I’d be getting a pixel 6a and buds for $208 or so