BlackBerry Priv 2 Release Date, 5G, Price, Camera, Trailer, First Look, Specs, Concept, Launch Date

BlackBerry Priv 2 Release Date, 5G, Price, Camera, Trailer, First Look, Specs, Concept, Launch Date –


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Upcoming BlackBerry phones 2022 new device BlackBerry Priv 2 5G 2022 smartphone offers a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M color display. Also, the specs will have 490 resolution of 2990 x 3690 pixels and Gorilla Glass 7 screen protection as a display. It is powered by a Quick Charger 4.0 feature with a huge Li-Polymer 6100mAh non-removable battery. Blackberry phone comes with Quad 108MP + 16MP + 12MP back camera. On the front, this Blackberry Priv 2 5G 2022 phone has 32MP front-facing shooter. #blackberry2022 #blackberrypriv2

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  1. It's totally fake… Blackberry not issuing their Mobiles…
    So , don't wait for it see other company…

  2. Is It true Blackberry come back ?? Where can I buy those gorgeous new blackberry model in indonesia ?

  3. Bhai, BlackBerry ye qwerty keyboard se kab bahar aayega…abhi bhi jabardasti ye keyboard daal ke phone ko thick banaye hue hai…

    It's own ego and rigidity have sunk this company to ruins

  4. A Today looking phone with the Whistles of the Past. IE Removable Battery and Keyboard. Gonna Attract somebody.

  5. I sold my priv, and what i watch? This video 😂😂. Priv is BB at its best! Love that design!

  6. A´m I the only one who guessed, the author was just confused by the date? He released it on the 4. Jan (04.01) not on the 1st. Apr (01.04) 😀 It really would be a dream to have a succesor to the PRIV

  7. Good concept but unfortunately Onward Mobility pulled the plug.. seems blackberry is no more

  8. Just by its looks and on its main features I really like this phone! I just hope that maybe I could at least move on also with its price! and with its availability on the stores! in both ways: In Physical stores and in Internet Stores! because I'm a phone buyer in Mexico City! 👍🇲🇽

  9. That keyboard definitely bring s back some memories for me I will always love blackberry because it was really my journey into technology.

  10. the design concept is awesome but it is pity that the CEO Chen of Blackberry just wanna sell the patents to Huawei and terminate manufacturing the BB smartphone. Shame on him.
    btw, i super like the Priv with vertical sliding keyboard coz it is the best phone design with physical keyboard.

  11. Is that a automatic mechanism to reveal the keys on the blackberry phone?

  12. never switched from an iPhone ever since they came out. i wish blackberry someway somehow had they one OS! lol I've never been a fan of Android but these new blackberry devices make me wanna definitely buy in.

  13. Keyboard kwerty bagi saya merepotkan lagian sdh Ada layar sentuh buat apa kecuali laptop bangun bangun Dr tidur woi

  14. When I was young I wanted blackberry so bad but I couldn't buy it , I hope it comes back to achieve my old dream 😂💔

  15. This one looks amazing. Can't beat the BB Motion but if this one would be availeble in the Netherlands, i sure would get it!


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