Rick Grimes Movie Shock Release Date Coming? 2021 Year Overview The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Movie

In this video I breakdown and round up all that we know about the Rick Grimes and Rick Grimes return in The Walking Dead Rick Grimes movies. I also talk about the release date of the Rick Grimes movie and when I think the first one will actually come out, with The Walking Dead season 11b starting soon. Rick Grimes is at the CRM.

When do YOU think Rick Grimes will return? How do YOU think The Walking Dead season 11 will end? Make sure to let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you soon.
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  1. NEW VIDEO! Daryl becomes a Commonwealth soldier & MAJOR Rick Grimes lead

    Tragic fate of Alden revealed in The Walking Dead season 11b
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    When do YOU think Rick Grimes will return? How do YOU think The Walking Dead season 11 will end? Make sure to let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching. I'll see you soon.

  2. I doubt we will get a Trilogy set like we were told. They should have completed Ricks story before Andrew left the show.

  3. So, with what we know about the CRMs penchant for cleansing a community of life, what do ya think the chances are they'll do the same things to Alexandria, The Hilltop & The Kingdom??🤔

  4. Yeah there is another spidervers film comming it's called across the spidervers slated for this year sometime but I think we would have seen a trailer or teaser or something by now

  5. I think if he does reappear in twd then the first film could follow him on his journey to return to his family

  6. Actually the United Kingdom was placed back in lockdown during the summer of 2021 witch explains why we have no movie yet

  7. Why do I feel like at the end all the Walking dead series like TWD and FTWD will meet each other at one place and there will be the end of Walking dead

  8. I wish it would be a limited series instead of movies, maybe like 10 episodes an hour each.

  9. waste of time explaining where he went when this show is so fucking stupid at this point, Negan needs to bat the shit out of everybody

  10. I feel they should have killed michonne. Why would she leave her 2 kids in this world? Dumb.

  11. I just gave up. I think a problem is that so many people lost interest in the walking dead and they kept introducing new shows fear the walking dead did okay and world beyond is absolute garbage. Will these movies even be any good because the whole series seems to be spiraling

  12. hahahahha lol im so lucky to have finished the show just today, all those people wondering for years about what happened

  13. I've heard from multiple people that it was in multiple writers/directors hands and now apparently its dropped. Someone said a few writers felt the story was just too big, they didnt know how they were going to correlate it to the other stories we have so far and that it would be way too difficult trying to fit it all into a movie. "Something that seemed so possible just doesnt anymore, if we do it, we want to do it justice, especially with Andrew Lincoln reprising his biggest role and a return that's immensely anticipated by the fans."

  14. It's a load of shit about not being able to leave England because of the beerbug besides him going to Canada like you said !!. How did Morgan get out of the country to film FTWD? . And miss poly and Maggie, OH!! Hell half the cast of both shows live outside the United States. It's all shit's and giggles, they should just call all the viewers mushrooms !. FEED US ALL SHIT AND KEEP US IN THE DARK….🤬🧟🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🥴

  15. Ughhhhhhh I NEED more walking dead in my life!!!! This show gives me something to look forward to each week. I will always be a die hard TWD fan! So many have dropped off and tell me they stopped watching back around the prison and it makes me crazy lol I’ve hosted so many TWD marathons at my home with friends that got behind on it. I miss my show! I would love to see any and all movies and spin-offs! I hope they come soon 🙏

  16. I think they’ll do or should do like how how the dc shows on the cw, should crossover do 1 episode a few hours long for 3 different walking dead series

    My opinion 🤷‍♂️

  17. I’m sooo tired of waiting! I been making plans with my friends for when it comes out in theaters!!!

  18. World Beyond had story line potential, a little upset they ended it after just 2 seasons.

  19. It would be an honor if the city of Philadelphia was apart of The Walking Dead in any way shape or form it would be really cool I live in Philadelphia so I think it would be awesome…..

  20. There was a travel ban on UK residents being allowed in the USA for quite sometime, I think it was only abolished a few months ago, so that's probably why he wasn't able to film.

  21. This a great channel with great TWD fans, but we need to face the facts. More people watch Breaking Bad and Mad Men reruns than this show, it's over. They didn't want to pay the talent and the show went from 17 million viewers to 600K, our only hope now is a reboot like Battlestar Galactica.

  22. Ironic to realize that movies based on fictional pandemics in 2019 were delayed for two years because of a REAL pandemic? 🧟‍♂️😆

  23. Poor Rick Grimes; every time he wakes up from a coma the world gets much, much worse. 🧟‍♂️

  24. pleeeease give a slight just a slight change in the narrating… on robot talking just drones on…cant take it…

  25. World beyond honestly kind of sucks. I just hate the writing and plots. It feels rushed. I don't really like the characters. It feels kind of immature. Like a kids adventure movie/show with zombies.
    Fear TWD is better, but you can't beat the original series. Even when it stopped being really great.

  26. Hey I’ve recently got into walking dead and binge watched the whole 11 seasons. I was wondering if Fear the walking dead and the walking dead world beyond are worth watching to keep up to speed with everything? I know the gist of things and spoilt a lot of the surprises from YT clips (characters coming back). From the reviews it doesn’t seem the best. Also I miss Rick 🙁

  27. I'm still vested but at the same time I don't think the movies will be happening. I think they have waited to long and lost Andrew Lincoln. To bring back excitement for the movies he needs to somehow be part of the last season of TWD. And not just a TINY maybe mentioning like World Beyond. I mean if there were movies why not mention his name in WB. Why did Jadis only say someone valuable? That leaves the door open for it to be anyone not just Rick. And as I've said many times before if they or Andrew Lincoln cared about fan's what is a 10min Skype for the Talking Dead. That couldn't take that much time away from his family.

  28. I want that – at last when commonwealth and alexzandria starts fight Rick comes to save commonwealth then he saw Daryl and hug him sooo hard and save them all….. 😅😃

  29. More importantly do we think the light of time from ricks exit will mean that the films lose some of the impact they could have had if released say this year 2022?

  30. Im not going to wait until next year to watch this movie, im over it, way to long , im not going to watch it all over again you lost a fan.



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