iPhone 14 Pro – BIGGEST iPhone LEAK EVER!

EP. 1148 – iPhone 14 Pro – BIGGEST iPhone LEAK EVER!
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0:00 Intro
0:10 HUGE iPhone 14 leak!
4:49 Welp, this is disappointing…

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  1. hey for me i am waiting for the iPhone 16 pro max with under screen Face ID sensors under the display. or for a single camera hole or no holes on front display on iPhone series. For a design change to the iphone series. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max blue color right now. to get the new iPhone 17 pro max or a future iPhone with some big changes. like the display camera battery. and other improvements on the next iPhone series. hopefully will get some big like under display Face ID or no obstruction bigger battery etc. on the front display on the iPhone series in the near future.

  2. Hmm me thinks someone isn’t getting the leaks they used to 😂 and yes I mean you not mark gurmen

  3. Just came across with your channel and really enjoyed your content! one more fan added, great work 😉

  4. I don't understand why people are just going crazy acting as if this is innovative in any way! They change the physical format slightly so you cannot use older cases on new products and widgets have been around in android market since the original galaxy. Why be excited about something that had been around for over a decade… just my opinion but why continue making this company so successful when their competitors are actually trying to revolutionize the way we use our phones for productivity. I can't in my right mind support a company who takes aspects of previous other brands and just calls them new and innovative. Apple was a million times better when Steve Jobs was around, atleast he tried to make upgrading your phone worth it.

  5. I will turn off the always on display if the iPhone 14 has one! It will eat up the battery

  6. Please stop pulling faces like that in your thumbnails. It’s really embarrassing and doesn’t get you any more views. Honestly, I feel sorry for you if you think it will boost your views.

  7. Iphone 14 it took years to get here where SAMSUNG HAS PASSED at least samsung trying harder that apple .for so long apple selling phones at high prices where the competition is giving people better options for their money

  8. Manscaped is really trying hard.. trying to get ppl to buy their $130 package of junk for your balls.. 😅

  9. Okay what if the iPhone 14 doesn't actually exist? I think the continuouist design of the iPhone 14 and the A15 chip may be because of a 13S naming. Then the redesigned iPhones we all expect to know as the iPhone 14 Pro lineup is actually called iPhone XV because of the 15th anniversary of the iPhone itself. In 2017 Apple launched the iPhone 8 and X, it actually makes sense to me.

  10. R u mad. What r u gonna do about it? R u not gonna buy it ? You gonna buy it .

  11. That probably explains why they removed the solid black wallpaper option too because then you wouldn’t know if the phone was awake or not

  12. AOD is so pointless lmfao how about adding multi tasking? So I can browse social media while I watch YouTube or something


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