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Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs are set to be huge power hogs, Intel’s monster CPUs have finally been leaked, next Gen gets a huge performance boost from DDR5 and Intel’s flagship GPU has been revealed! Stay tuned…

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Intel’s Flagship GPU Revealed
2:00 DDR5 Gives A Huge Performance Boost
3:21 Intel’s Monster CPUs Leaked
4:57 13th Gen CPUs Are Space Heaters

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  1. Everyone complaining about thermal output, performance per watt and power draw like half the people in these comments are even going to be getting a 13900k or 4090 TI…

    If you can afford a card or CPU like that, before even considering any number of product variations or factors that increase product cost, the electricity bill associated with using a top end PC isn't something you'd be bothered about. Furthermore, the cost or complexity of the cooling solution you'd need to implement wouldn't bother you either because everyone with half a brain accepts that high end cooling is needed for high end computers unless you want to leave performance on the table.

    It annoys me to hell and back when people complain about "now" having to custom watercool their top spec rigs, something they should have been doing for lifespan and performance sake with previous generation flagship components anyway. Top end leisure and workstation hardware in any industry has always and will always have extra costs associated with supporting equipment needed to utilise its full potential.

    I remember back when Cyberpunk released and the corpo intro club scene totally devoured my Aorus 2080TI… But by spending £800 on custom watercooling I was able to get immense performance gains (2130MHz core and +1000 mem, 15°C delta T after 12 hours full load with +6dBA room noise floor fan speed, no plim or vlim reached, stable as a rock versus hitting 83°C until throttling down to 1700MHz or so on fresh repasted stock shroud air cooling with frequent crashes on top). Also that watercooling has infinite forward compatibility with any PC upgrades I decide to do, it's about the smartest investment anyone can make in modern computing.

  2. this title could be actual first time its close to truth because raptor lake will be basically only refresh/rebranded alderlake but with more cores,cache and clocks but that will draw more heat and especially power consumption too

  3. I'm going to be building a new pc this year, and I'll probably go with AMD bc while I need power for work, I also live in a super hot climate and that 13th gen I9 would probably make it unbearable in my workspace. It's really becoming a war of efficiency vs. raw power for me

  4. So are we basically back in 2004 where the pentium 4 was such a problematic space heater? Welp looks like history repeated itself with the i9-13900k. Nice space heater ig.

  5. This is literally getting out of control! Intel is literally just rushing out products to try and stay ahead of AMD… which seems to be doing a much better job when it comes to power efficiency!

  6. Who cares if shit draws more power if its faster?! It's common sense! Ofc cpu and gfx chips will draw more and more and more. Until they come up with new tech.

  7. Least Intel Raptor lake has support for DDR4 & DDR5. AMD Ryzen 7000 will only support DDR5

  8. Tbh better to heat your home with a computer than a heater. You get something done with the heat generation.

  9. Intel should go back to the drawing board and attempt to make low power high performance CPU's instead of improving on their high power chips.

  10. There are some really great speaking voices on Youtube, these days. It's absolutely no surprise that this channel has this many subscribers!

  11. Intel: Everyone seems to be turning off the E-cores. What should we do?
    Intel: Let's add more E-cores.

  12. It's funny to see that every time this guy tries to show that the upcoming anti-amd products are utterly disappointing , they actually outperform !

  13. Would anyone have a clue why my i2900k with and an asus rtx 3090 is performing bad ? I mostly game ! Also I am using an asus 850w Platinum Power supply should I go higher ?

  14. For the first time in my laptop usage experience, my new laptop does not use the fan for most of the time (mostly office work + browsing, my Firefox carries 100+ tabs 24 hours a day). That in on 12700H, so I would say it is not hot at all for regular use. I never had a compeltely silence laptop (don't mention M1/M2 from Apple, nothing else comes close to those).

  15. I wouldn’t call it a disappointment, the 13600k can out perform the 12700k. That translates to you can get a 13th Gen i5 at an i5 price that out performs a more expensive current Gen i7 that runs AAA titles perfectly and smoothly operates any RTX 3080

  16. I’m not excited for Intels anything except for maybe thro flagship gpu as a budget replacement card for maybe a friend or kid. I’m excited for next gen AMD everything though. Super excited as a matter of fact. AMD gonna stomp ass this next gen. Bet..

  17. This is great news for us in EU. I will just buy new intel and nvidia and wont have to worry about putin closing the pipes for heating.

  18. Raptor Cove cores are not the same as Golden Cove cores. They have certainly different cache hierarchy and cache size. And all the associated tweaks necessitated to take advantage of that. It is not a major microarchitecture revision but it doesn’t need to be. It is expected that there is going to be 5-10% increase in IPC and another 5-10% increase in frequency. That will result in around 10-20% increase in IPC. Then there are likely tweaks that take better advantage of the E-cores. Likely higher ring bus clock and smaller latency. And they push the frequency of those E-cores higher and are adding another 8 of them resulting in an overall 40%+ increase in multithreaded performance. Also, regarding power efficiency remember that this is an enhanced Intel 7 process so it has 5-10% better performance compared to what Alderlake uses. And then you have platform upgrades like offering a PCIE5 M.2 slot. All in all that’s pretty good gen over gen improvement and more than enough to retain both the performance crown and the performance per dollar crown.


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