How To Install AMD AM4 Ryzen CPU For Beginners

How To Install AMD AM4 Ryzen CPU For Beginners!
Building your first computer can be scary, but with some research and some guidance you can do it easily!

In this guide I will be walking you through how install a AMD AM4 based processor, The Ryzen 5 1400 into the ASRock B450m-HDV r4.0 motherboard which supports the AM4 Ryzen and Athlon processors.

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First we will be checking the processor and looking for any bent or mis-aligned pins, then preparing the motherboard for the stock AMD cooler the Wraith Stealth model.

We need to release the CPU clamping arm from the clip and raise the arm fully to allow the ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket to open.

Next we will align the arrow or triangle on the corner of the processor and motherboard. Gentle lower the cpu onto the socket and it should fall into the socket and sit flush or level with the socket.

If it doesn’t gently remove it and carefully check for bent or damaged pins on the CPU.

Sometimes a very slight wiggle can help the CPU fall into the socket, but really shouldn’t be necessary on a BNIB CPU. Second hand or used CPU’s may have slightly mis-aligned pins.

Now that the CPU is installed we can now lower the socket tension arm and push it past the retaining clip. You may feel or hear a click as it locks into place.

Next we can apply our cooling solution. This will consist of the stock AMD cooler or cooler of your choice and possibly some thermal interface material or compound (T.I.M.)

The choice of cooler and compound is a very polarising subject, but essentially as long as you apply the chosen compound correctly and fix the cooler as the manufacturer recommends you can’t go far wrong.

So now we will apply a small amount of TIM, In our build we will be using Arctic MX4 as it is both great value and gives great results thermally and is not electrically conductive so is safer to use than some other more conductive materials or compounds.

The amount used should be enough to cover the majority of the CPU so as to make the largest surface area contact with the CPU cooler. Any gaps or uneven areas will reduce the coolers ability to do it’s job!

With the paste applied, we can now install the cooler. Our cooler is the AMD Wraith Stealth model but you can use any cooler you wish as long as it has at least the same TDP or higher than the CPU you are installing. The Higher the TDP of the Cooler the better is can be at cooling (subject to case design , airflow etc)

To install the Wraith cooler, first align the four mounti screws with the motherboards CPU back plate and use a little pressure to get the screw started and screw a few turns on each screw in a criss cross method to allow even distribution of mounting force or pressure.

Next plug in the fan 4 pin connector to the CPU fan header on the motherboard, and that is your CPU and CPU cooler installed.

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  1. Thanks for the video it will prove to be useful. I've recently been given an AMD Ryzen CPU and motherboard but one of the tangs was broken on one of the CPU brackets (the plastic bits you removed). Luckily they sell them separately and I've got a genuine set of brackets for £4. I can't wait for them to arrive along with some Arctic thermal paste like you used (I remembered to go for that one from building old Pentium and Core 2 Duo systems years ago). Not that great on building PCs but I normally get by. The irony is if it all works okay I plan on replacing the CPU cooler with another which doesn't even need the brackets but I don't want to spend £50 on a cooler when I'm not 100% sure the motherboard and CPU are actually working (they were taken out of a PC which had some problems and I am hoping it was caused by the CPU cooler literally hanging off on one side due to the broken bracket). Wish me luck and hopefully I'll have a nice upgrade and I can ditch my old i5 3570 which is getting kind of old now. I hope it works okay with my GPU even though it's kinda old too (GTX 970). Thanks dude.

  2. please say im not the only one that heard a scary noise while inserting a cpu? i heard a terrible noise when i pulled the lever down to lock cpu in place sent shivers up my spin it did!, it made a "crunch" sound. thankfully pc seems fine.its a 3700x in a x570 tuf am4

  3. Tip: If you are using the stock cooler with pre-applied thermal paste/pad be sure to remove the pre-applied paste and use a quality thermal paste. When removing my Ryzen 5 3600 stock fan to replace it with a new tower fan, because of heating issues, the CPU was completely glued to the stock fan and was pulled out of it's socket still attached to the fan. After 10 minutes of panic and a trip to YouTube I had to blow-dry CPU for 5 minutes in order to gently pry it off of the stock fan. This was a 2020 build so only 2 years of runtime but thermal paste had dried and hardened explaining the heat issues. Hope this helps!

  4. Weird how mine got bent pins, from the looks of it I placed it the right way. My pc would not boot, last I checked the cpu, and behold I removed the cooler and cpu came also lose with it. I did put a lot of pressure when I was installing the cpu cooler.
    Be careful with that, tighten the screws cross way without much pressure or you'll get the same result as me.
    Had to order a new Ryzen 5600x cpu.

  5. Hey I have a quick question I put my AMD cpu in my motherboard and I did a grave mistake. I placed the cpu when the motherboard was in the locked position and it unlocked on me and now I can't take off the cpu anymore. Did I fuck it up beyond repair or is there a fix to it?