How to add Boot entry in UEFI Windows 11 | Fix No Boot Device error on Windows Computer

Hi there, here’s how to add a new secure boot entry in UEFI Windows 11 and also, this tutorial will help to fix “No Boot Device” or “No Bootable Device” error in windows 11 and windows 10.


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  1. Great video I have an issue regarding copy/paste in Windows 10. The copied text (whether I copy from doc or net) is unable to keep formatting when pasted in word. I have checked different versions of word also but its same issue. Paste options not showing up either. Only unicode text format available Kindly do help

  2. Will Win 11 not boot if Secure Boot is disabled ?? And is it necessary to disable Secure boot to dual boot Manjaro because I tried using Ventoy(secure boot allowed and inserted its security key) but the Manjaro iso does not load up and shows a error message :- "verification requested but nobody cares. Entering grub rescue mode.." Please help ..