Apple's WWDC Expectations, AirPods 3 FLOP & more!

On Pocketnow Daily, Apple’s AirPods 3 aren’t doing too well in sales. Samsung is reportedly working on an exclusive chip for their Galaxy smartphones. We might be getting some camera upgrades with the Galaxy Fold 4. Finally, WWDC invitations are live, here are our expectations!

All this and more after the break.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – AirPods 3 Flop?
Two reasons why Apple is reducing AirPods 3 production by over 30%

1:45 – Samsung’s Exclusive Chip
Report: Samsung says it is working on a chipset ‘unique’ to Galaxy smartphones
3:00 – Galaxy Fold 4 Camera
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 could score a much-needed camera upgrade
4:12 – WWDC 2022
We have an official date for Apple’s next WWDC event

Today’s Deals:
– 11-inch iPad Pro
– ASUS ROG Strix Portable Gaming Monitor
– Acer Nitro Gaming Monitor
– HyperX Pulsfire Mouse
– Razer Deathadder Essential
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  1. Personally if AirPods 3 had the touch controls like the AirPods 2 I would have been sold I personally don’t like the squeeze feature I have the pros and I still go to my AirPods 2 over my Pros I absolutely hate them tbh but I wasted money on em so I’m not gonna take em back lol only thing I care for on AirPods Pro is ANC and that’s about it lol

  2. Everything that Apple does, including the most pedestrian of things, they make it an event.

    70% marketing-hype, 25% monopoly 5% innovation.
    Example, I'm pretty much sick of the iPad Pro, Apple goes on and on about how powerful the M1 is in the expensive device, expecting me to be excited for it every year, but have done jack squat about iPadOS which all it really is a blown up iPhone OS.

  3. I work at Best Buy, and I can confirm my sales reflect your reporting. I sell far fewer of Airpods Gen 3 than I do Airpods Pro or Gen 2. I also believe that pricing is the driving reason.

  4. The AP3 problem is they are a 50-60 bucks too expensive. From AP2 to AP3 they are 50% more expensive but APPs are much better and only 30% more at MSRP and are often the same price due to being constantly discounted now.

  5. I heared that the New samsung exclusive processors will be made with tsmc. Maybe the finally get it right this time. They already failed with AMD and should really deliver with the next products.

  6. The Exynos chips are a huge disappointment every year compared to the snapdragon chips I think a high performance galaxy only chip would be great as finally everyone would get a decent chipset on the galaxy phones and not just a few countries

  7. It's does not matter if Samsung make Galaxy exclusive bespoke chips. Their Chip Fab is just bad compared to TSMC. Until they don't fix their Chip Fab issues they will not achieve this.