Google Pixel 6 Pro Re-Review | Six Months Later…

Reviewing Google’s Pixel 6 Pro phone over half a year since launch, to see if the camera tech, gaming performance, battery life and Android 12 experience is still among the best in 2022. Long term, the Pixel 6 Pro isn’t quite as tempting as some rivals like the Xiaomi 12, Oppo Find X5 series etc. However, the camera chops are still solid and I love that stock Android vibe.

For your very own Pro, have a click of this:

If you’re after natural looking photos day or night, this Google smartphone is still one of the better options. Sure, the Find X5 and Pro are more capable in low light for video capture, but the Pixel 6 Pro still nails colours when the light is low. It’s also great for portrait shots, if not for selfie snaps.

Performance is also beaten by many rivals now, if you’re into gaming on Genshin Impact and other demanding titles. Battery life is still good, so it’s rare to run out of juice in a single day if you’re not going crazy. And the media chops are hot competition for any other phone out there, topped only by the likes of Sony’s Xperia flagships.

Have you been using the Pixel 6 Pro as your own full time phone? It’d be great to hear how you’re getting on below!

Pixel 6 Pro 6 Months Review Chapters:
0:00 – Just skip this bit
0:50 – Design
2:16 – Features & bugs
5:15 – Display & audio
6:32 – Performance & gaming
8:15 – Battery life
8:50 – Cameras
11:05 – Verdict


  1. The most overrated phone ever. Bought a 6 pro 4 days ago and it's the worst camera phone I've ever had. Horrible over processing, pics are dark once uploaded. Horrible charge time. Returning it tomorrow

  2. Google did not fix the fingerprint scanner on the 6a. It is horrible and was one of the top reasons I returned the phone back to Google. Going back to my 4a

  3. This is a very slippery device I strongly recommend you get a case of some sort.. it will leave your hand at some point and hit the road or pavement! Be warned.

  4. Love it just wish it had a proper desktop mode for portable displays like Samsung Dex, can someone put that on an update list @ google for mobile productivity and streamer/gamer types? 😀 Also it seems the volume is very limited for proper headphones out the usb – C to 3.5mm adapter so I've had to revert back to a portable headphone amp luckily I had a decent one in storage that I used with some other phones. My wireless headphones worked decently of course but the wired heaphones are always a step up. I really just miss native onboard 3.5mm jacks I guess. I was using Spigen Tough Armor case with this phone I guess I have big hands and this was a very satisfying combo.

  5. Another epic video 🖐️😀 just a quick one should I buy the pixel 6 pro or wait for the pixel 7 here in the uk cheers

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  7. Bought the pixel 6 pro couple weeks ago and absolutely hate it, it overheats, feels very buggy. Selfie pictures are blurry compared to my note 10+ that took crisp selfies.

    Even taking a normal picture of a piece of paper for example, there is a blur around it but worst of all, today was my wife's graduation and whilst she got called on stage the camera crashed while zooming in and made me completely ruin recording a video, on a pretty much brand new phone that cost me £850, this is out of order and I'm giving the pixel pro 6 to my son and buy the Samsung s22 ultra. Never again a Google phone.

  8. Had a few niggles but i love mine. Excellent camera and UI etc. Love the editing options. Still prefer my Huawei P30 PRO though even now and if it wasn't for the ban I'd have had the P50 pro. 👍

  9. I absolutely hate my f**** Google 6 Pro phone. It chokes out all the time. It overheats and the camera that was so great. Seems to get grainier the more videos I shoot. I should have known better than to support this f**** evil company that deserves to go out of business. Shame on me for being stupid

  10. I got pissed off with my 6 pro at the start and sold it, but it’s such an amazing phone I have re ordered it again, no other phone was quite like it