Tesla Model Y vs Nissan Ariya: Best Electric SUV?

2022 Electric SUV Buyer’s Guide:

New for the Model year 2023, the Nissan Ariya is a beautifully designed all-electric compact SUV this is similarly sized to the Nissan Rogue and just a bit small than the Tesla Model Y. Nissan just announced US pricing and trim level details and reservations are now open with the first US deliveries beginning in the Fall of 2022. But just how does the Nissan Ariya compare to the Tesla Model Y and which is really better?

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  1. From what I have seen is the Tesla vehicles have poor ground clearance for speed bumps and rough road conditions especially in the winter months. Tesla vehicles tend to have a lot of underside damage because they lack decent ground clearance. There are long term dependability issues and available spare parts for Tesla vehicles when comparing to other manufactures. From my own experience I would have a greater trust in Nissan products than with Tesla products. The Japanese vehicle makers generally have good dependability, higher resale value when trading in, and more reasonable cost when service is required.

    I ordered and left a deposit for the Ariya Platinum e-FORCE AWD Performance version of the Ariya with the Nappa leather option. I have a 2022 Pathfinder 4WD Platinum fully equipped. I may keep this SUV as a second vehicle. I will use the Ariya mainly for city driving and use the Pathfinder for long trips and to carry things around.

  2. By the time this video was uploaded Tesla has now raised their long range model Y to $64990 compared to Nissan Ariya Platinum+ AWD to $58,950

  3. Put my deposit down for the Premiere edition in November! Ariya has a number of cool features which make it unique. Many of the comments echo my thoughts — all of the Tesla's look alike and as more hit the roads, folks will soon crave a design upgrade. Plus, the autopilot features on Tesla's cost and added $12K. Mine will be standard on the Premiere.

  4. I want to know how much room there is inside! I can’t understand with all the other stats how this data is unavailable. Enjoyed your comparisons!

  5. Thank you for this informative video. The Ariya is a beautiful SUV and looks better than the Model Y in my opinion, but it seems like the Y beats the Ariya in an overall comparison. However neither of them beat my #1 choice of EV, the Model X.

  6. model Y is not a SUV,
    It is model 3 with higher seat level. Such low ground clearance. I can not drive it in the area where I live. Specialy, batteries are located so close to ground. So easy to get damaged.

  7. Too bad, It is totally OUTDONE by Fisker Ocean, all price-wise, power-and performance-wise, and luxury-wise. The Fisker 0-60 is crazy for both the middle and upper trims and for less money. The base already is only sold for $29,995 after Federal tax credit and even before individual State tax rebate of up to $2,500 (in the case of CA). And even the base model comes with 275 horses for the Fisker Ocean, and both upper and middle trim come with over 540 horsepower and 0-60mph in either 3.5 or 3.9 seconds, which is much faster than the Nissan Ariya and the Fisker Ocean costs less money. Nissan should have this Ariya out at least one to two years ago. It is now late, and the price, performance, luxury level, features, prestige will all lack the competition. The Fisker Ocean also costs less than any of the Model Y trims too. Boy. May the smart ones find the true winner.

  8. Disappointing consumption and efficiency especially form a legacy carmaker with so many years headstart in developing EVs from the other legacy carmakers. Plus the fact that despite of that they are so late in delivering this car to the consumers take away all the good stuff from that car.

  9. @cleanerwatt Jonathan – I haven’t yet heard any of the Tesla channels compare and contrast the all electric Volvo. Not a word. Good idea for you to run one of your comparisons on. Thanks for all you do.

  10. The unannounced Ariya trims are interesting; I cannot find them on the Nissan website. FWD-only seems like a nightmare for this car, so my needs would be AWD + ProPilot 2.0. Based on the offerings, my guess is that means Evolve+ AWD with some kind of technology package… which will end up just shy of the Platinum+. For $52,000 this would be a no-brainer, it looks so much more premium on the inside than Model Y. Tesla has better software and charging, but I don't take many long road trips. As usual with Tesla comparisons, the question is: do you want to suffer through the software of a car company, or suffer the car of a software company?

  11. Ariya will be on my top of the list EV to buy. Check Edmunds’ review on Model Y range test which shows much lower range than it claims. Not a big fan of unopened glass roof in Model Y while Ariya has a good size panoramic roof with shade. Ariya will assume to have a better torque-vectoring AWD and a better overall quality built EV in Japan.

  12. The interior of the Ariya is more like the Kia EV6, a horizontal display that to my eyes looks more integrated than the floating tablet look of the Model 3/Y or the Ford Mach E or others. I love that the Ariya doesn't have much if any piano black, but the Tesla lost that too in the update. The Ariya looks like a good vehicle. Performance/range is where Tesla wins but how nice a car is for a particular customer has less to do with numbers than it has to do with personal preferences and priorities. This looks competitive with Hyundai Ioniq 5/Kia EV6, VW ID.4, Tesla Y.

  13. I own a Y, but this is a compelling vehicle. It drops in under the MY price point with a proportionate level of dimished capability. A more "urban" or first EV. Good for Nissan.

  14. My 2005 Toyota Sienna has real 8 passenger seatings for adults plus cargo area can fit all camping gears, luggages, food and water for 8 people. More importantly, Sienna has up to 500 miles range and 5 minutes fill up, and it still runs flawlessly like new at 311K miles and best of all zero car payments. The ride, the range and the spaciousness combination is far superior to any electric . The Sienna still has its original engine, transmission, sensors, electric windows, AC, fuel pump, suspension ( struts, shocks, bushings, control arms), paint, engine mounts, fuel injectors etc and not burning oil.

  15. One thing you forgot to talk about is the reliability (and initial quality). The recent survey made by Consumer Reports is positioning Tesla at the 27th place over a total of 28 manufacturers while Nissan is in 9th place. At J.D. Power (in 2021) Tesla is 30th over 33 and Nissan is 5th. It means something for a buyer !!!
    So manufacturers numbers don't tell the whole story. Next time, just try to give us all the information !!!!