iPad touch screen not working properly? 9 ways to fix it

Video showing how to fix iPad touch screen not working properly.
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  1. 20 mins into all the examples, I found my issue. Thank you!! 1.Settings, 2.Accessibility, 3.Touch, then verify that Assistive Touch(AT), Haptic Touch(HT), Touch Accommodations(TA) are all OFF.(initials for later reference in Commenting below) If you do not require any assistance in touching your screen, like using a device or pen etc.
    Somehow mine changed, and it had a delayed response, it'd literally require me to hold it down for atleast 2 seconds or more before it would do the command of the touching of the keyboard to type, or to select an app or to use within an app. Also look around inside each of the options inside the "touch" under "accessibility" to speed up or slow down or assign certain actions, like Hot Corners. This is where I found the single tap, double tap, etc… and the delayed touch issue(Hold Duration is under TA, turn it OFF). Somehow that got set. But basically turning off the "AT", "HT" "TA" under "Touch" in "Accessibility" all worked for my issue.