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The Pixel Watch is Google’s first smartwatch. (Picture/Internet)

In addition to the flagship mobile phone Pixel 7 series, the new products that Google is about to release will also have the first smart watch, the Pixel Watch. The price may be higher than everyone expected.

Foreign media 9to5google said that the Pixel Watch will be divided into Bluetooth and mobile network versions. According to people familiar with the matter, the mobile network version will start at $399 (about NT$12,130) in the United States, and the Bluetooth version will be cheaper.

In terms of competing products, Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $279 for the Bluetooth version and $329 for the mobile network version; as for Apple’s Apple Watch Series 7, the Bluetooth version starts at $399 and the mobile network version starts at $499. .

In a rough comparison, the Google Pixel Watch 5 may be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to be released alongside the Pixel 7. (Picture/Official website)

Here, we also provide the listed prices in Taiwan for your reference. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth version starts from 10 yuan, mobile network version starts from 10 yuan; Apple Apple Watch Series 7, Bluetooth version starts from 1 yuan, and mobile network version starts from 10 yuan.

At present, it is rumored that Google will hold a Pixel 7 conference in early October, but it does not rule out the possibility of an early release. The Pixel Watch should be released simultaneously. The appearance of the Pixel Watch has been made public. public.

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