Fire Emblem: Three Houses (4K / 2160p) | yuzu Emulator (Early Access) on PC | Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses gameplay on a Windows 11 PC via the yuzu Nintendo Switch emulator version Early Access 2349 2021/12/25 (settings listed below!). Download the emulator here:

yuzu is currently available for Windows, Linux, and Mac (OS X). Hopefully one day it will be available for Android and iPhone / iPad devices as well. All of my yuzu videos are running on Windows 10 64-bit. Also, all of my yuzu videos show the games running in real time–no edited speedups or anything like that.

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Note that yuzu is still a very new and experimental emulator. Do not expect great results yet with most games. However, it is being developed by the same team that does the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator, so expect great things from yuzu in the future for a long time to come!


My yuzu settings:

[ General ]
Framerate Cap: 1000x
[x] Limit Speed Percent: 100%
[x] Multicore CPU Emulation

[ CPU ]
Accuracy: Auto

[ Graphics ]
API: Vulkan
[x] Use disk pipeline cache
[x] Use asynchronous GPU emulation
[x] Accelerate ASTC texture decoding
NVDEC emulation: GPU Video Decoding (Default)
Fullscreen Mode: Exclusive Fullscreen — either option works great for me
Aspect Ratio: Default (16:9)
Resolution: 3x (2160p/3240p)
Window Adapting Filter: AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution [Vulkan Only] — makes a big difference!
Anti-Aliasing Method: None — I tried with FXAA and it works, but it REALLY screws up color patterns

[ Controls ]
Connect Controller: Pro Controller (actually using Xbox One controller connected to PC via USB)


Intro BGM: “Main Theme” Super Mario Odyssey Remix

Outro BGM: Super Mario World Dubstep ▸ Game Over – Akosmo Remix ~ GameChops Spotlight

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  1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses works very well on my new PC at 4K (3x native rendered resolution) via the yuzu emulator. The only issue I had was during the first combat/attack cutscene the animation froze for a second or two (it was building the cache for it). After that no more freezing. More 4K emulation content to come. If you like this type of content, a like and a comment go a long way for the channel. Thanks, have a good one!