Tesla Model 3 Long Range | The best EV in the world?

Although the Tesla Model 3 has been out for a few years now, there are plenty of subtle differences as the car develops and production stretches to different facilities!

We had the Long Range on a week-long loan. This is one of the EC5D variants made in China. The battery pack is approximately 70kWh usable. The range is phenomenal. The user interface is superb; it’s snappy and incredibly funtional!

We had a good look around the outside and inside of the car. Then we navigated to a Supercharger, tested out the acceleration and plugged in to see how fast we could charge. And finally, we asked if this was the best EV in the world?!

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  1. Who cares about 0 to 60 or the redicuolous amount of technology really 🤔 it's only a nerd car, woman aren't interested, l don't care about it, l just want to hop in and drive, not spend an hour to configure it.
    Plus the cost us stupid, all hype sorry to say,

  2. Test dove one and at 70 mph on the motorway it’s unbearably noisy!! iPhone db showed 85.6db average compared to my 80.7db in my Mercedes, same speed same bit of road. I just don’t understand how they sell them

  3. So now we have 'long range' cars? Not the case with ANY ice vehicles. An app to open the boot?? Yes, let's use an app when it would be quicker to use your hand. Tesla? Ev? Definitely no on both counts

  4. Just had my new model 3 long range and bought the Acceleration Boost update over the air for 3.7 seconds 0-60mph, love it and the car really is amazing to drive. I'm getting just over 300 miles below 5c so can't wait for warmer weather plus a full charge for over 300 miles costs me under £8 at home 👍

  5. Why torque in Newton-meters and power in horse power. In Imperial it is foot/pounds and horsepower, metric it is Newton-meters and kilowatts. Other than the schizophrenic units, great review.

  6. How easy and quick is it to put on the windshield wipers compared to another vehicle. The reason i am asking is another review i was watching said the windshield wiper controls are in the infotainment system.