iPhone user reviews Pixel 6

iPhone user reviews Google Pixel 6!

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  1. While I do think there’s room for improvement on the pixels, I do think you were a bit too critical of it. You have to factor in the price on this. $599 is a good $300-500 cheaper than most iPhone or Samsung devices. While you’ll get a few trade offs like brightness I can live with it for that big of a price difference. Also, iPhone to me is way more vanilla than android with less customization. Not to mention every year their phones go backwards in quality while increasing the price with zero innovation. With the Tensor chip and a fresh design I would say in a few years Google will be the flagship android equivalent to iPhone. I used to be mainly an iPhone user. But I’d rather use a pixel device these days more than an iPhone.

  2. I just picked up the P6 a few weeks ago, took pretty incredible pictures compared to my old P2XL, so far my only issue is getting used to the lack of a "back button"

  3. I have used P6 for 3 months now. All the bad side I agreed but the camera? I took great photos with it even with one shot. No issues here. Idk what happen to your photos you've taken there but they are really not good.

  4. Love this review, I have the pixel 6 and the pics are amazing! I rarely get any bad ones so I’m surprised you are having issues, specially night sight, I’ve been taking some really good shots. There’s an update as of yesterday but, it’s always been solid. And no rattle on this end. Did you drop it? I do like this video and looking forward to more of your videos.

  5. I’m the opposite on this I’m disappointed in the iPhone 13 Pro‘s camera and I think my pixel 6 pro takes amazing photos. I have iPhone 13 Pro pixel 6 pro Samsung S 21 ultra and for photos pixel wins