Convert Any Wired Apple CarPlay System To Wireless!

Does your car support CarPlay? Do you hate pulling your phone out and fighting with a cable to plug it in? Hate replacing cables that wear out all the time? In this video I show how easy it is to install a wireless carplay adapter that makes CarPlay SO much more convenient and easy to use.

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πŸ›’ CarPlay Wireless Adapter:
πŸ›’ Another Listing – same exact adapter:
πŸ›’ Even Newer Version?:
πŸ›’ Android Auto Dongle:
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πŸ• 0:00 Introduction
πŸ• 0:39 Kit Details
πŸ• 1:36 Pros
πŸ• 2:05 Cons
πŸ• 2:30 Installation
πŸ• 3:14 Pairing Phone
πŸ• 4:06 Testing CarPlay
πŸ• 4:49 Upgrading Firmware
πŸ• 7:49 Testing Start Up Time
πŸ• 9:10 Audio Stream Lag
πŸ• 9:55 Different Models?
πŸ• 11:32 Conclusion
πŸ• 12:24 Bloopers

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  1. My last car had the plug, and the new car is wireless. The new wireless is always connecting to the wrong phone, or refusing to connect to the right one. I wish I had the old fashioned switchboard simplicity of β€œthis plug, this phone”. I’ll just play this video backwards, and then bingo! That’ll work, right?

  2. I did a video on this about a year ago and it's a great device. The only issue I've ever had with it is in the summer time when the interior car temp gets really hot. On those days it can get really laggy until it cools back down to a decent temp, then it works fine. Have you experienced this at all?

  3. Looks like CarlinKit has released yet another version that claims to be even newer than the ones I tested in this video, and comes in a blue case. Hard to say if the new version actually has different hardware, or just upgraded firmware as in the case of the adapters I bought. Whichever version you buy, just make sure you upgrade the firmware for the latest fixes etc.