Ugandan Teacher Turned Model | Sheila x Where the Magic Happens | Black Model in Vietnam

Sheila left her native Kampala without a plan. Friends and family didn’t think she would last even a month away from home. Despite her rocky start in Northern Vietnam, she was quickly swept up by a world of warmth and surprising connections.

Join me as Sheila shares her journey: from her first photoshoot where she had no idea how to pose, to jobs falling into her lap. We discuss the ins and outs of being a working in an industry where there are often language barriers and communication difficulties to hopes for the future.

00:20 Life in Kampala, Uganda
02:11 Deciding to Leave
07:00 Getting Started as a Model
13:07 Advice for Budding Models
13:50 The Next Chapter

Join me on the fifth episode of Where the Magic Happens, a series dedicated to highlighting inspiring individuals who dared to break out of their comfort zones and DID the damn thing.

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Who am I?

My name is Kim Berhanu and I am the Founder x Creative Director of the slow fashion brand Dynasty the Label.

In 2017, I left Australia to live in Vietnam and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Hurling myself out of my comfort zone has resulted in unprecedented personal growth and fulfillment: I’ve become fluent in Vietnamese, travelled all around Asia to India, Malaysia, Thailand and of course up and down and around Vietnam.
This channel was born out of my desire to share how amazing life can be a thousand miles away from home.


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  1. Very cool channel.. I see why my uncle stayed in Vietnam after being drafted into the war …to this day he NEVER came back to America

  2. This is one of Ho Chi Minh's dreams come to life! When Ho Chi Minh lived in New York he saw how non whites were treated Ho Chi wrote a book and in it he said The African is the most oppressed Human! It is so very sad that That America forced African Americans in to the War.

  3. Kim YOU are doing the damn thing…the Afro Asian bond must be magnified! And you are shining example of said bond! MUCH LOVE TO YOU SIS

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