AMD Ryzen 5000 Launch Buying Guide!! How To Secure Your CPU!

Demand for new PC tech is insane right now!! Let me show you your best shot for buying one of the new AMD Ryzen 5000 Series CPUs (5600X 5800X and 5900X) that are releasing tomorrow.

If you would like more technical information check this out:

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  1. Hello @Giff's PC Tech & Reviews
    I've seen your Video and want to ask you (see below) to another Sub-Topic.
    Hope thats okay for you, the Video its a little long ago.
    Maybe you can take a little bit time for this, please.

    I have a question about building a gaming PC, could one use the old CPU's or should one take the new CPU's?

    I wonder what the difference between the old CPU's and the new CPU's is.

    What speaks against building a gaming PC with an old CPU?

    How long should the period of year differences in the CPU selection be?

    Would like to know your opinion, please.

    Greetings to you.


  2. Umart in Australia never sold out of the 5600x & 5800x so I grabbed the 5800x without any problems over the weekend.

  3. This is an amazing video! Although I wish I stumbled across it earlier as I couldn't secure the Ryzen 5900x for myself 🙁
    Do you have any ideas on when amd could refill the stock of zen3 processors?

  4. I was up all night. On Newegg, Bestbuy, B&H, and AMD Store before 9AM. I prepped everything about 20 mins leading up 9AM. Pounced with the refreshes the second 9AM hit. Failed 3 different attempts to get a 5950X to checkout. Got them in my cart, but Newegg would not let me check them out while the bots hammered everything. Then the were sold out. Went to AMD site. Same thing. Site let me add to cart, but didn't let me complete checkout. Then the site crashed with a 503 error. Sold out once it came back up. What a shitshow. Newegg has lied endlessly about bots not buying their stuff. Bots pick them clean instantaneously every single time.

    I had the B&H Pre-order from around 12:40AM, but that's pointless. They're renowned for taking months to deliver stock despite being pre-ordered. Then they lied to me saying they wouldn't charge me until they shipped, but they charged my bank immediately even though I didn't use Paypal (Which is one payment method they say they will charge instantly.) I checked Ebay and saw all the 5950X CPUs selling for around $1150. Was considering buying one. Then I checked back and they all sold out. Lol The guy who was selling all of them has it in his description that he Pre-ordered all the B&H Pre-orders about 6 mins into the Pre-orders opening up. So there's that. I'm sure he got most of them. I'm assuming they didn't ship many of these 5950X because they were sold out in seconds and even the main Bot vendor seemed to only have enough supply to last 5 mins on Ebay. Now he's just selling Pre-orders. It was basically the 3080 all over again.

  5. You gave me good advice that secured my 5600X off Newegg in what seemed like a staggered release at ~6:20AM PST after it had already said it sold out.

  6. I’m here after launch. Thank you so much I wouldn’t have been able to get one without your help.

  7. Luckily saw that B&H had the 5600x for pre-order at 8pm PST last night, so made the plunge with limited knowledge and ordered! Have had a 3300x on pre-order since May, with an ever-updating ETA now at December 5th, so f*ck that. Sure, a huge price difference, but I've had every other piece to build a new PC since then, so the price is worth the stupid wait. 😛
    Happened to wake up at about 6am, and checked websites, and one minute the Newegg and Best Buy app still had them in stock, and the next they're out of stock. And no more B&H pre-order either! Took about 17 minutes for it to be gone everywhere. 😛 So glad I saw it early!!

  8. I got backlisted in b&g for the 5900x, so I'll wait for the newegg and amazon release to see if I can actually get it

  9. Good tips for strategy! Although we don't have Best Buy and Newegg in Europe 😉
    Here are some of my thoughts on this launch:
    1. Nvidia prices of this were lower than last gen, while these CPU's are a bit more expensive than previous gen.
    2. CPU's are motherboard dependent while GPU's are not, so not everybody will be able to simply upgrade with these new CPU's.
    3. AMD gets great yields and allocation from TSMC 7nm so stock will be high.
    4. GPU's have many more components than CPU's so are more difficult to get all the parts together in time. Plus it's an extra step through add-in board partners.
    5. Upgrading the CPU will only have a marginal effect on gaming in most cases, while going from Pascal or Turing to Ampere certainly does.

    …so all in all I think there are many reasons why this launch won't be the same scenario. Not as many people upgrading and more supply.

  10. B&H pre-ordered a 5900x, waiting for the 6AM launch reddit was speaking on to attempt buying for whichever confirms the shipment first ill go with.

  11. Here in Sweden they are not allowed to tell if they get the cpus in stock or not. All they say to me is that it will be possible to pre order the cpus today at 15:00.. but when you actually get it is not known..

  12. there on B&H for pre order (i pre-orderd the 5800X) so this one was so they should have 5600 and 5900 at least unless the 5900x 12c is further out likw the 16c 5950X

  13. From what I remember hearing, the BIOS updates for x470 will be coming out in the coming months? Wanted to buy a 5000 series but I also don't want a CPU I can't use.

  14. I just secured a 3070 that is on its way soon, and I've been on the fence on which cpu I should buy. Should I get the 5600x or the 3700x. They are both pretty much the same exact price at $299 however I plan on doing streaming. Should I get more cores and threads or a faster cpu??

  15. Finger’s crossed for a 5950X! Been an Intel i7-4770K guy for the past 7 years but now it’s safe to make upgrade!

  16. I really appreciate the video super helpful man keep it going I see potential in this channel 😉

  17. I am sure I dont get one. In Europe the selling starts today at 3pm and I am at work then…

  18. Thank you!!! I checked the nowinstock website, the comments told me to preorder at B&H, so I did it already!!
    Hopefully its for real without order delay or canceling…


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