Watercooling the RTX 3080 Founders: AMAZING EK Quantum Vector FE Special Edition waterblock!

We finally take an in depth look at the EK Quantum Vector FE Special Edition – the sexiest waterblock so far for the RTX 3080 Founders Edition.

In-depth guide on how to dismantle the RTX 3080 (see tools you’ll need below), install the waterblock and also some thermal testing!

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Gorilla tape

Screwdriver set


Paster cleaner

Magnetic parts tray

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  1. I purchased the Bitspower "Heatblock" for my RTX 3090 FE, but the backplate does NOT mediate the high temperatures on the back due to the additional RAM. Bitspower is aware, and unwilling to address the known lack of quality control. They are using a backplate designed for graphics cards with NO RAM on the back of the card, and it shows in the Memory Junction Temperature. This Heatblock did little to change the temperatures of the GPU with respect to the stock fan and heatsink. The Memory temps on the back of this card are still 70-105C under heavy workloads. The RAM on this card is the weakest link and will inevitable fail prematurely if not thermally regulated properly. The card still throttles as it warms up due to the RAM on the back not being cooled sufficiently regardless of the GPU temp sitting at 50-55C. This is my first and last purchase with Bitspower. (I have sent numerous emails and have only been receiving evasive responses and deflection) I do not recommend this company.

  2. what about the VRAM temperatures? can you check HWinfo and let us know what temps those were hitting. seems to be a major problem on 3000 series FE cards

  3. I want to buy but I want to see temps T-junction VRam when mining ETH or other aggressive VRam punishment app runing

  4. Love the video but ek is out of their minds for the price tag. Corsair offers everything they do plus some for half the price.

  5. Good video, but you spent 5 minutes explaining how to take off a screw cover and time-lapsed the disassembly/assembly. Would have liked to see the process explained a little better.

  6. Where do people actually get hold of a founders edition? Is Nvidia planning on re-introducing them once they've caught up on orders from third party boards?

  7. They just put up pre orders for the 3090 variant but the photos are lacking and I can't see if NVLINK is supported on the 3090 block. Can you help me find out, please?

  8. just noticed the 3090 fe just went up for preorder ffs m8 415USD after tax with a mysterious 10% tax over my state tax

  9. Great video buddy, I've saved it and will be using it as a guide when I'm lucky enough to land an FE.

  10. Dude what are you smoking. The 3080 fe has around 7-10 screws and dissembles in around 10 mins using 2 driver bits and gorilla /duct tape to remove the 4 magnetic screw covers on the heat shroud. Seriously, 10 mins…..

  11. great video -thanks. Amazing block and that drop in temps over an already solid stock Nvidia design is impressive.

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