Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.12 OUT NOW – Mods Safe To Use & Update 1.2 Release Date Speculation

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Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.12 OUT NOW & Update 1.2 Release Date Speculation (Cyberpunk 2077 News)
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  1. To be honest I still have low fps, stuttering and its very annoying even if i put everything on low. There's just constant fps drops

  2. CDPR don't know how to make a FPS , I reccomend them to return to their roots with Witcher before Henry Cavill ruins it entirely.

  3. Review EZ Optimizer for Cyberpunk. There are 100000 people who enjoy it already, and the new version was just released 🙂

  4. Cbp77 was $32 through your link. I went ahead and bought it again today after an early stadia refund. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I don`t know what to think about CP2077 at this time. Didn`t play it since at least two weeks and kind of regret preordering it (the second time i ever pre-ordered a game) but at the same i don`t. I`m confused. It`s got a cool story and all, but at the same time it`s boring. I defended it in the beginning, but now … it just sits on my shelf. I had no expectations in CP2077, just hoped it will catch me as other games did or still do. But it doesnt. I`m not riding the hate-train, this is just my honest opinion/experience after trying to defend, like and play the game since it`s release. It`s a mix of sadness and disappointment. Because even though i had no expectations, i`d never expect it to be what it eventually is. Could, no, should have been a lot better. That`s the first time i feel ripped off after buying a game. Huge lesson for me

  6. I start games on Hard and finish them to play again on a higher diff. I have only 1 or 2 games installed not more. I have to focus on them as i don't have much more time left

  7. @Khraze
    found a funny Easter egg idk if it was found already but it's in heywood in the Glen district close to the palms view way CP.

    It's the matrix reference… it's when he told him to jump out the window lmfaoo..

    I know that this doesn't explain very well where it's at but. You know you're in the right place when you find a valentinos memorial on a angled building. There's stairs there where you see giant fan vents. You walk up the little stairs and you hear johnny sayi fxck.

    It was just funny little Easter egg

  8. I came to a point that I have zero expectations about any changes in the game basics. Like NPC's AI, Ncart train ride and all that cool stuff that would make Cyberpunk a masterpiece. I just play the game as it is and try to have fun with it. Let's face it, it is what it is. There will be no major changes on that. Just stability fixes, sadly.

  9. At least the PC users are having the game fixed , never mind the thousands of console players. Great job CDPR

  10. While I get that patches and bugs are interesting, is any YouTuber discussing the connections and/or storylines between side quests?

    For example, on the dam you encounter a group trashing a car. Later you find the woman who owns the car. And later still you can talk with the mother of the girl killed by said car. And you can talk with the guy the woman supposed to meet by driving the car.

    So many different connections to the same thing. Someone needs to be connecting all these threads. That would be a more interesting video than "1.12 out now. Dupes still work. Like and share my video!"

  11. 1.12 was released on the same day as this video. So ignore all of the talk about when. It's already here.

  12. So. Much. Waffle. Learn to be precise with your information. Or in this case literally nothing of value. How have you got a sponsor?

  13. when in the hell will they make this game FUN? Where is all the missing content? Sony better not release this POS back on the store. It's not FINISHED yet! not even close.

  14. Just let there junk is still problems in game is bug be careful not to do what did such bug pic of shit cbyerpunk got be sadest day of my life can get eny better then shit treble game only going get worse I'm only get more sadder in life fallout 76 shit let's all game are shit actsep pass game played only going die with that amazing carnt challenge them by long shot

  15. They seem to have managed to shift people's attention to bug fixes, from the game NOT being what was advertised.

    I played on PS4 pro, never had any problems playing it aside from game crashes, the only real problem I have is that the game I bought is absolutely nothing as it was advertised. It's not even a case of misleading advertising (like Ubisoft and some others does) but straight up lies. I confess I never expected that from CDPR

  16. All these stupid patches fixing the patch before it is only gonna cram more memory onto my PS5, oh well. They like to make things a bigger mess I can see.

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