StarLink Unboxing & First Impressions

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  1. These velocities, latency and even the signal instability are very acceptable for me, since here in Brazil we have the same situation or….even worst……at regular cable internet.

  2. I just ordered Starlink now that it can be ordered here in Germany. I already have fast and stable internet access, but I just WANT to be part of the next gen of internet provisioning. The only downside I see right now: You cannot that the starlink-system with you and use it everywhere – it's locked to the location you ordered it for. It would be nie if that could change in the future. Can't wait to get the delivery 🙂

  3. 20-25Mbps up is already double what you can get on cable at the 300mbps teir around here.. cough spectrum. Unlimited roaming around may not happen with starlink… but if it does it is likely dependant on laser sattelite to satellite links since your base station is going to manage your connection.

  4. Yeh it is for everywhere internet kind of thing. You wouldn't really I guess need cellular phones. HAHAHAHA because you can have Wi-Fi everywhere you go. Also if the technology is that good maybe you can also put that at the back of your car/truck (Cybertruck) HEHE

  5. I'm told by an owner that u cannot travel with starlink because it geofences u. That's not good

  6. Boy do I feel old. For the first 19 years of my life there…was…no…public…internet.

  7. It’s definitely got a parabolic dish under that flat piece. God this is so cool and clean looking. I have no need for it but I want it…

  8. does the beta only works for USA and EU ? if i order now can i get it working in the Middle East?

  9. Did you have good internet before receiving this? I'm a bit disappointed people with comcast and other good wired internet are getting this before rural people in my area… none of my neighbors or myself that have 0 wired internet have received this, but people in town with 100mbps+ down speeds are getting starlink… like great job lol

  10. elon musk will becoming richest person in the world, if this thing can works around the world.

  11. This does sound cool & the fact you can use it anywhere is really dope but I do fail to see how it’s beneficial to you if you was already getting good speeds with your recent provider in your area. Especially if you dont plan to move no time soon considering you own your house.

  12. Weird.. I just received my starlink up in northern Canada, and the top of my ufo is grey instead of white like yours. Gotta be some kind thermal thing to help melt snow?

  13. Wait can you make a video camping. Take a mini generator out in the woods and bring the dish for the ride.

  14. My house is used to losing signal for days and our max speed (despite what we pay) is 300Kb and going from that to 10Gb (in my area) will be a mirical to my family, I have school, my dad wants to watch movies in 4k, my mom has to teach classes, my brother wants to talk to his girlfriend all at one time

  15. I’m probably gonna get this answered in the video or yelled at in the comments but don’t you have fibre is this better seems like pain in the ass?

  16. It was created for people who have little or no access. Near major cities it is nit necessary.

  17. SpaceX website says you can’t move the antenna outsite your cell.
    So even though it’s satellite internet, it’s acting like an ISP standard

  18. I haven't watched anything in HD in years. Plus dont' forget about the data cap that comes with ViaCRAP

  19. As a long time user of ViaCRAP and the only option being satellite internet I am so excited for this! It will be like being a part of the real world again.

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