iPhone Not Ringing? Here’s Why & The Fix!

Two Apple experts explain why your iPhone is not ringing and show you how to fix the problem for good.

The first thing to do is check your iPhone’s Ring / Silent switch. If the switch is set to Silent, your iPhone won’t ring.

Next, turn up your ringer volume all the way. It’s possible the ringer is set to silent!

Make sure Do Not Disturb isn’t turned on. Do Not Disturb is a feature that will silence all calls, texts, and other notifications.

If Do Not Disturb is off, it’s possible that your iPhone is stuck in headphones mode, or there could be damage to one of its speakers.

Learn more about why your iPhone won’t ring:

What to do if your iPhone is stuck in headphones mode:

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  1. Palette Forward: Thank you very much for helping me to fix the ringer problem! I spent almost a whole day trying to fix the ringer, I forgot about that button! You guys made it so simple. Thanks again 😍

  2. Thanks so much! As soon as you indicated the ringer was off if you saw orange, I found the problem. I had tried everything else suggested watching other videos and thought the ringer was on. You two are the Best for Help. Can't say enough thanks for solving the problem.

  3. Well this was useful but unfortunately none of this was the problem with mine. I thought to myself, why not reboot it? And bam it worked 🤣 but it’s annoying for this to happen 🤬🤬

  4. by the way this really helped, its obvious however because I have a case which covers that part it never occurred to me to check it.

  5. Thanks Guys, you made it easy for me, now I’m just as smart as my teenagers lol thx again

  6. Thanks for the little orange switch trick… that fixed it. Boy I remember when Apple first came out and their products were easy to use. I am a Boomer and I feel I need a computer science degree just to make a phone call. I would gladly have a rotary dial phone over this thing. Hanging up on people is just so much more fun when you can slam the receiver down…

  7. Thank you so much. I spent a hour trying to get my new phone to ring. I didn't realize there was a button on top on the side. I should have used Utube from the beginning. Thanks again

  8. Another one is FaceID & Passcode in settings. Scroll down to Attention Aware Features and turn this off.

  9. Thank you!!!!
    Can’t thank you guys enough, I had no idea my phone was ringing in my car/Bluetooth…I’m working in my spare bedroom which is right by my driveway

  10. Thank you so much !!!! It was the very first answer …..Settings….Sounds …..Change with buttons should be OFF …….exactly what they showed above. My phone is the new SE so wasn't sure if I was going to find the answer …..thanks guys !!!!!!!!

  11. Aww you young guys are just great. It’s like having a son or nephew to help when I’m stuck. This time my Bluetooth button was on. ( whatever that is)😁 THANK YOU!!!! It rings now!

  12. I cannot thank you enough! One flick of a switch and I was able to fix both of my Iphones. Thank you!!!

  13. Hir sir goodevening. I have an iphone 6 but my iphone 6 its already not working. Theny simcard i put to call forwading my number. Then i removed my sim i put in my new phone which is redmi note8opro. Then i try to call my number but they said still call forwarding then they said my sim card the number yoy r call is switch off. Plss pixed my problem i hope you will help me. My friend they r trying to call me but my sim is switch off. Plss help me sir.. Thanks..

  14. Hi , love your Chanel , actually got on the Verizon 5 GB plan after seeing your video and have been saving $45 a month +,…I was wondering , does the Bluetooth fix or not hearing calls also go for not hearing texts ? ,… I’ve had quite a few instances where my phone will be lying right next to me and I’ll pick it up and look at it and see I had gotten a text and never heard any alert ,… thanks for all your help !

  15. Thank you sooo much guys! It turned out to be the side ‘button’ displayed the red line. I switched it to ‘black’ and BAM, I have a ringer again! I am a new sub to learn more about my iPhone.

  16. Thank you so much! This is my first Iphone and could not figure out why I was missing so many calls. So I called my phone and saw it wasn't ringing. Your first example solved my problem! You guys are the best!

  17. I’ve tried it all. I noticed in settings on do not disturb under silence there are two options: Always and While iPhone is locked. I believe this is why my phone doesn’t ring. There is no turn off button here. If my phone is just sitting on the table locked it’s not going to ring.

  18. Thank you so much,my silent switch was on!!! I spent about an hour trying to figure out what was wrong,then i said let me see if YouTube could help. My phone is ringing now

  19. Thanks a lot, it worked. Do Not Disturb was accidentally turned on. 😎😷👍👍🎄🇦🇺

  20. I have an iPhone XR with Visible. When receiving a call, it only rings twice and goes to voicemail. I have tried the *#61# but it then says that the number cannot be connected. What's the solution?

  21. None of these things worked 🙁 I had everything set correctly. My problem is receiving incoming calls when using a call back feature. They go straight to my voicemail. For example: I called Best Buy, their wait time was 2 hours, they offer to keep you in the queue and call you back when your turn would arrive so you don't have to sit and wait. I miss it every time!!! I get the notification alert that I have a voicemail immediately after they leave one to say they called me back. It is so frustrating.

  22. You guys are amazing. Number one reason was why my phone was not ringing. I didn’t have to watch the full video and I had this fixed…even though I had been watching a couple of videos before yours. Thanks!

  23. Please help me I got iPhone 7 it’s not ringing and also WhatsApp alerts too tried ur trick but not working help me please am desperate

  24. It’s the opposite for me I hear everything even though I put it on silent, it’s sooo annoying

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