If you regret using Chimera jailbreak, then can we regret it, as long as we can clear all the jailbreak information and return to the state before the jailbreak? In fact, Chimera also has built-in jailbreak function Restore RootFS like unc0ver.


Please be responsible for the risk of white apples. It is recommended to back up the data once through iTunes before clearing.

Only support iOS 12 ~ 12.1.2 jailbreak Chimera tools, if it is unc0ver jailbreak see other tutorials

Pay special attention to this method and will not delete the independent App plug-in tools, such as iCleaner Pro, AudioRecorder XS and other apps on the main screen, you must first manually uninstall the plug-ins, after all, these are stored in other locations. Not so smart to delete those folder files.

Clear jailbreak tool can achieve

Delete the iOS 12 jailbreak status, the original iOS 12 system file and user data will not change.

Clearing jailbreak tools does not patch deleted or changed system files.

Specific tutorial

step 1

Open the Chimera jailbreak tool, slide the message below and click on the red word “Restore RootFS” button.

Step 2

At this point, the Root Filesystem Restore prompt will pop up, telling you that the jailbroken device will be restored to the state before the jailbreak, click “OK”; swipe up “Restore Filesystem” to start the jailbreak operation.

Step 3

The process will see the 1/3…3/3 state, and finally the Reboot required will need to restart the prompt. The following instructions show that when the device is automatically rebooted, the Chimera will be opened again to complete the final process.┬áSimply click “OK” and it will automatically restart.

Step 4

After rebooting, turn on Chimera again. Usually I will click the “Restore RootFS” button again to “Restore Filesystem” to ensure that the jailbreak environment is cleared.

Step 5

After returning to the iOS environment, there will be no relevant jailbreak files on the system, you can delete the Chimera jailbreak tool.

Why does the Sileo pattern still exist?

If you still find that the Sileo icon still exists on the desktop, don’t worry, in fact, Sileo has been deleted, but the Sileo icon has not been cleared, so that the icon can still be seen. This problem is mainly due to the Chimera jailbreak. On (same as Unc0ver), there is no way to clear the icon of Sileo; to solve this problem, you can only go to iOS Settings > General > Restore and click “Clear All Content and Settings”. Solve Sileo and some residual file issues.

Warning It is recommended to perform an iCloud or iTunes backup before proceeding with this step. Otherwise, this step will cause all data files in iOS to be deleted.