How to JAILBREAK the TI-84 Plus CE to Run Games! Downgrade & Hack ASM Back!

TI recently, unwisely removed the ability to run Assembly programs the TI-84 Plus CE. No matter, you can get Assembly programs back and fix invalid errors using the new arTIfiCE jailbreak! Play TI-84 Plus CE games again!

Learn about the history of this whole ordeal:

arTIfiCE website: (
CERMASTR 2.0:!Al_ZukYl7Xyy40RxCSOKYm9WEOav (Warning: This will crash post revision M calculators including all Python Editions)
CERMASTR 3.0: ( (Note: This version does not allow downgrading. You cannot downgrade post M calculators which includes all Python Editions)
Cesium: (
TI-Connect CE: (

0:00 Context + Important Info
0:41 How to Jailbreak
3:10 ASMHOOK – Revive Old Program Menu Functionality
3:49 Cesium – Best way to Safely Run All Programs
5:16 How to Downgrade (Read Pinned Comment)
7:39 Outro

Nailed It – Garrett Williamson –
Top Secret – Odd Chap –
Timepice Power – Odd Chap –
Groove Grove – Kevin MacLeod ( –
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
Note: TheLastMillennial is the original author of this video, we just embed it, if you have any questions please contact him via Youtube.

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  1. Updates: (11/30/21): Annoyingly, YouTube has removed the public dislike count. If you'd like to see the dislike count on this video, I suggest installing the 'Return YouTube Dislike' extension (Firefox, Chrome, Edge).
    IMPORTANT UPDATE: If CERMASTR freezes when you try to change the version, then your calculator is too new and cannot be downgraded. There will NOT be a downgrade tool made for the newer calculators. Unfortunately you are out of luck. More information here:

    Thanks to DJ Omnimaga for reminding me to add that ASMHOOK is required to run TI-Basic games that rely on Assembly sub-programs. You'll encounter an invalid error if you do not install it.

    For those wondering if you should upgrade to 5.6.0, I suggest you watch the video that covers that exact question and what's new:

  2. I wand to downgrade my (TI-84 Plus CE) OS from 5.7 to 5.6.
    I can install arTIfiCE and Cesium also. But when I run the CERMASTR, nothing come out.
    And tied with DWN83PCE. It froze my device.
    Please advise me.

  3. my computer is now blocking the website when I was trying to open it. I've used the website before, is anyone else getting this error? Edit: using a different browser (firefox) works.

  4. when i tried to load artifice it only shows artifice 1.1 shell and it wont load i have a ti 84 python

  5. Cesium, Artific & ASMHook was enough to get my stupidly upgraded 5.7 calc back to how it should be. Cheers mate! Not heading down the downgrade path, i can live with a workaround until TI fix their broken OS.

  6. What do you mean cant do basic programs? I can still graph stuff and do algebra/geometry correct?

    Does downgrading work or not also?

  7. What do I do if I run arTIfiCE but then when I go to run ASMHOOK nothing happens. It doesn't crash like stated in the video. The program appears in the TI-Basic programming section but nothing happens if I run that (or other programs like the dark mode program that led me down this rabbit hole) either

  8. Is theiir any reason to update to 5.6 for whenever I use it in school? My ti 84 plus ce is on 5.4.0 and I just want to download a game for it whenever I get free time in class

  9. My calculator freezes when I immediately press Artifice in Cabri Jr. It is just stuck on loading, whereas for you it loads quickly as shown in the video. Any idea why this could be happening? Thanks!

  10. On the 5.7 version, when I try to downgrade my os, I consistently get the message ",the operating system you selected to transfer is not supported. try transferring the latest OS for the Ti-84 Plus CE". Is this something that only I happen to go through, or is this a common theme?

  11. Yesterday I stupidly upgraded my TI-84 Plus CE-T to the newest OS 5.7… Now I regret doing that and tried to download the Jailbreak. As soon as I run artifice the artifice screen pops up but ist loading the whole time so i cant do anything except exit. Can someone help pls ?

  12. I need some help:
    Whenever I try sending the cesium files to my calculator, a notification pops us saying "One or more files was invalid and could not be sent to the calculators"

  13. I am on a Ti 84 plus ce python version and downloaded cesium but when I go to programs it brings up TI-Basic and Python App, when I choose TI-Basic cesium is listed under it but when I press enter on it I get an error pls help

  14. So I'm really confused just in general, I'm looking to buy one of these. What should it do. Should I buy an older one or a newer one and run one of these jail breaks, I'm just so confused 😕 I am also new to this

  15. So at the timestamp of 6:40, where I need to change the value on field 37, I can't even scroll to change the values. My calculator is on

  16. Once i change the 37: (03) numbers to 00 00 05 and press enter, the calculator freezes and does not respond to anything forcing me to reset it. i use os if that does help.

  17. Artiface will not load on my calculator, does this not work with the pyhton version?

  18. I did this on my Python edition calculator and I can indeed still run Python, and Ti-Basic programs just as fine.

  19. its says i have 1308k (not 130.8k)ARC free and when i go on calibrijr and press any button it says 'not enough memory! add RAM needed 2398 animate' and then a ok button if then press any button it goes back to the normal calculator so im guessing that i need to add more ram how does one do that??? also i have 3006 ram. pls respond with speed like dream

  20. idk if its just me but whenever i go to arTIfiCE it is always empty how do i add games to it?

  21. Thank you! This worked for my TI-84 Plus CE that I made the mistake of updating to the newest OS (5.6) and lost my ability to use my NOTES program. I can't thank you enough!!!!!

  22. im on 5.4 and when i try to change the numbers in rule 37 it freezes when i press enter to save the 00 00 05. is there a solution to this?

  23. YES i just bought a new calculator from staples, expecting to have to install artifice like my friend had to, and it surprisingly came with OS 5.4! I'm stoked, lol.

  24. Is it possible to jailbreak a python edition without breaking the python programming?

  25. Great video! Quick question though, I just got my calculator and I'm unsure of something. If I downloaded artifice and asmhook, would there be any way to delete those files from my calculator permanently? Or are they stuck in my calculator forever?

  26. I can't get it to work. When I press artifice in Cabri Junior, I get a screen where I can press ENTER to Run or press MODE to Quit. I have done everything like you did but it just doesn't work.

  27. None of these are working for me for some reason. Jailbreaking didn't work because when I tried to open Artifice/CabriJr, it just took me to a page that said I could either press enter to run, or mode to quit. None of the buttons on the calculator would work unless I pressed mode, which would quit the application. Cesium didn't work either, it just gave me the error screen. I'm running on a mac and with a python edition calculator. Advice? (I had cleared the calculator's memory before doing all of this in order to increase file space, maybe this has something to do with it?)


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