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In this video, I will show you everything you need to know about the BRAND NEW Jailbreak Update Today for Roblox Jailbreak !! Our goal is to explore the brand NEW Roblox Jailbreak Winter map featuring a brand new Delorean, BMW i8, NEW Brinks Truck/vehicle for the Jailbreak Update Today in Roblox Jailbreak & I will bring you along the Journey to show you the BRAND NEW Roblox Jailbreak map, vehicles/cars, and robberies that were added to the new jailbreak update today!!

The BRAND NEW 2020 December Update is here for the Roblox Jailbreak update today and an all new robbery has been introduced into the game this time it is a mobile robbery in the form of a Brinks truck / armored car. First spawning at the Bank it goes around the map taking a group of three cops down a random route to finally deposit the money granting cops or criminals 10k+ Jailbreak Cash you collect the same way that the Bank vault works. The only thing that you will need is a key card. You must jump out of the vehicle before it returns to the Bank otherwise you will teleport out of the vehicle to the front of the Bank with no money. The police can only enter the vehicle when at a stop.The damage taken when inside the vehicle is three 3 times less than usual.

THE “BEAM HYBRID” SUPERCAR! Roll in style with this super exclusive two-tone supercar that has working butterfly doors and a high detail interior! The Beam Hybrid Supercar is the second 2/2 car that will be revealed for the Roblox Jailbreak Update Today (Jailbreak December Update 2020) which will feature WORKING Butterfly doors as well as one of the fastest vehicles in the game, possibly faster than the Tesla Roadster, Bugatti Chiron, and EVEN Delorean in Roblox Jailbreak. The BEAM Hybrid Supercar is based off of the BMW i8, which is one of the most popular vehicles in the game. The estimated price is from $200,000 – $500,000 Jailbreak Cash or Jailbreak Dollars. The Beam Hybrid Car will cost more than the Roblox Jailbreak Delorean

The Delorean (otherwise known as the Delorean DMC 12), is a new vehicle announced for the Winter 2020 Update. It will be found near the Power Plant, according to Badimo’s tweet revealing the car. The car is expected to cost under $200,000. It had been highly requested by the community prior to its reveal, with one user going as far as to make a Twitter account devoted to its addition.

C4 is a new item coming to Jailbreak in the 2020 Winter Update, along with 2 new vehicles, the Bank Truck robbery, Season 1: New Beginnings, and contracts. It is an explosive that can be attached to vehicles, players, walls, and the ground. After being placed, it can be triggered with a remote control. It has the power to launch players a good distance away and will eject players out of vehicles when placed on one. Note that this effect still occurs on Helicopters. 10 of this new item can be obtained by reaching level 2 in the upcoming Season 1: New Beginnings
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  1. Bro why did you kick me out of the server I just wanted to help you with the truck robbery 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. I’m so sad because I broke my arm 1 day before the update and I get it off when the update ends


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