How To Jailbreak Any iPod In 2019! (RockBox Custom Firmware)

Hi guys, Tech James here,

How to install the RockBox custom firmware on any Apple iPod in 2019!

This video is for educational purposes only.

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  1. will this delete the songs that are already on the ipod or will it keep the files. (i am using the ipod 6th gen classic

  2. Ipod Nano 3rd, 4th, 5th gen are NOT supported, as well as shuffle 1,2,3. Title is misleading.

  3. thanks bro! Installed on my ancient ipod classic.
    Do someone knows if is possible to install bomberman on rockbox?

  4. Hi James (or anyone who is listening) you showed us how to boot it back to the normal iPod menu but how can we boot it back, do we just hold menu then click the center button or is it a different way, i'm working with a nano 4th gen which surprisingly hasn't died on me yet, also love you psvita videos.

  5. wait it says "access denied and cannot open ipod when i try to install it after choosing the right ipod generation. anyone with the same issue?

  6. You can install rock box without iTunes. Just be sure Windows has a chance too install the iPod driver first before doing anything

  7. problem is that this doesnt work on the two ipods that i have. It doesnt work on ipod nano g3 and g5… 🙁

  8. Does Rockbox have a slideshow feature for pictures? Using my iPod for a Lego city billboard.

  9. Hi Tech James, I have been trying to install Rockbox on my Ipod 5.5 128 SSD. I'm installing it on my macbook since I don't have a windows computer now. The rockbox utility runs good but when I hit the "install" button it opens a progress window that says "could not open ipod: permission denied" . the ipod it is on "enable disk use" on itunes and itunes it is fully closed. Any ideas of what it could be the problem? Thanks

  10. Well, I'm sad. The Nano Gen 3 isn't compatable, I hope the developers can fix that soon.

  11. BS Clickbait vid title – if it only works on a few ipods then it cant jailbreak "ANY" ipod.


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