How To Install Cydia Jailbreak iOS 14 – 14.5 / 13 / 12.5.3 iPhone iPad iPod Touch Checkra1n

How To Jailbreak iOS 14 – 14.5 / 13 – 13.7 / 12.5.3 iPhone iPad iPod Touch Install Cydia Checkra1n – Subscribe, Like & Share. Thanks :”)

Checkra1n Link Updated 30th April 2021 Native support On iOS 14.5

NEW Jailbreak iOS 14.6 Checkra1n Windows

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  1. Does it work on iOS 12.4.9 I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I can’t jail break it yet, but I’m trying to jailbreak my old iPod touch 6

  2. @DinoZambas2 can we still jaibreak iPhone 6 plus 12.4.7? I tried it with unc0ver and it showing unsupported.

  3. Is there a proper method to uninstall the jailbreak and go back to normal iPhone ?

  4. Hi, I’m on iPad Air 12.4.6 and I followed you exactly got Cydia install perfect. However when I install with the cydia with checkrain it won’t open it keep crashing and crashing. I tried redo the process like 10 times it won’t work. Any suggestion? Thank you keep up the good work

  5. thank you so much this made my phone so much better and nice i have a question though do you only have to do the end part if u reboot or is it also for like if your device turns off from charging and something like that please reply i really would appreciate if u replied

  6. Hi dino i have a problem when i let checkra1n put my ipad air 2 into DFU mode the ipad gets to recovery mode put the programs says that the device didn't enter recovery mode

  7. Hey Dino! Is this still working or did apple release an update? Want to upgrade from 12.4.

  8. Hey Dino I hope your doing well. Here in New Jersey everything is ok. I want it to ask you if you have an estimate time for the widows jailbreak for the iPhone 11 max pro?

  9. Dino I'm have this issue ,ota is prestaged to rootfs remove ota and reboot to stock then try again my is iPhone X 13.4.1.
    Please how to fix it help me out

  10. Is there a way to do it on windows, ive watched other videos but they don’t help at all

  11. ihave the ipad pro 2018, can Please you tell me how to jailbreak with 13.4.1? or can i downgrade and jailbreak ?

  12. when i want to install cydia i get the error that say OTA is prestaged to rootfs while my iPhone updated to 13.4.1 how can i fix it ?

  13. Hi Sir Dino thanks for making this video. Does this support iPad Pro 9.7 with the A9X processor? Thanks.

  14. Hey Dino, why when I install Checkra1n on ipad 13.4 and open the cydia it crashes? Please Help! 🙏

  15. Just tried this on an iPad Air (Gen 1, A7) and it errored out unexpectedly. I recently restored it as well from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.

  16. Yeaah!! i missed the ios13 update and now have a chance! Ty, works fine on iX ios13.4.1!


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