PS3 4.87 Jailbreak Any Model With PS3HEN – Full Guide

Use this PS3 4.87 jailbreak guide to mod any model of PS3 with PS3HEN. I’ll show you how.
Need to mod your PS3 on the new OFW 4.88? Here’s how:

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  1. If my system has old update (4.76) do I still need to update to current official update to continue this jailbreak?

  2. Hi Thank you so much for the guide, I got HEN installed, now I am facing CBOMB issue on my PS3 while trying to run PS2 games. can you help?

  3. I did this and it worked!!
    Now I want to install a larger hard drive.
    I know, I should have done the hard drive first, but I am in covid lockdown, I was bored and got keen to try this.
    I have to wait until out of lockdown for the HDD to be shipped so I thought I may as well be prepared.
    Is it worth trying a direct copy from one HDD to the other in a copy caddy?
    Or can I use one of the PSHEN utilities to do the copy through USB?
    If I have to, I will do the backup and restore method and then reinstall PS3HEN, I done it once, I can do it again. 🙂
    Any help appreciated.

  4. My system is 4.87 but the link gives me 4.88 should i download that instead?

  5. ************ATTENTION****************
    Tried many times with the fat32 storage type, however it does not recognize the update stored..
    it keeps saying no update found

  6. Sooo… what do you do when you did everything right but the HEN enabler counts the progress to 100% only to tell you "FAILED"? edit ok, it seems you just need to do the "Initialize" step a few times. At one point it actually works. I think maybe 5 or 6 times or so. So there's apparently nu guarantee that it will work right away at the first attempt.

  7. I had the hen initialization error, then i went to safe mode and reinstalled hfw there and it worked tnks

  8. Can i download hen from the pc and just move it with my USB to the my ps3? Instead of downloading it from the ps3 directly?

  9. I'm seeing all your videos bro i like it, but one thing how to install pkg file in ps3.

  10. Hi Blaine! Huge fan and you’ve helped me with SEVERAL consoles now, I’ve been wanting a modded PS3 for months now but my issue is finding one with CECH-2501 Or less. 😔 for a decent price anyways, I have a PS3 super slim CECH-4001C can I do anything with that for this video since it says any PS3?

  11. Everything worked but at the next version (4.88) first. Otherwise, everything worked, I can use MultiMAN now, thanks for that




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