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The DMCA recently added an exemption which made jailbreaking (i.e. installing unapproved applications onto your mobile device) completely legal. Not surprisingly, a lot of people are asking questions: Will it brick my phone? Is it safe to do?

This week on AppJudgment, Eileen and Graham walk you through one of the latest ways to jailbreak your iDevice: Unlike previous techniques, this method does not require you to connect to a computer and run some sketchy software. Simply visit and “Swipe to Jailbreak” your iPhone!

What’s actually going on is that the website is exploiting a huge security flaw in the iPhone OS and Mobile Safari software, allowing it access to install software onto your device. We expect that this security flaw will be fixed soon, so jailbreak while you can!

Once the jailbreak is complete you will have the “Cydia” App Store on your home screen. This is an App Store filled with unapproved applications, mostly applications that Apple has either banned or will not approve.

Though it is completely legal now to jailbreak your device, Apple has already responded saying that jailbreaking will still void your iPhone’s warranty, and that it can make the iPhone less stable and less secure. So while Jailbreaking is legal now, it is still to be done at your own risk!
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  1. If it's still available through Cydia, another great app to have is 3G Unrestrictor. It makes your phone think it's running on a wifi connection even when it's not. This helps with downloading app updates that require a wifi connection and helps with video playback quality when no wifi connection is available.

  2. @500345002 no…. you can't change your carrier on iphone thats one of the only illegal parts

  3. wait wuuuut wait …wait ..
    wow wooh
    wo wo wo wo wo …wo it's legal now, And you download it from the iphone *loses breath* OMG THIS IS EASIER THEN BREATHING!!

  4. Good thing i didnt jailbreak. Just had my phone exchanged due to faulty proximity sensor.

  5. After watching this video three things happend. 1. I learned what jailbreaking is. 2. I know that is legal. 3. I got a new reason to hate apple.
    android pride.

  6. It voids your apple warrenty, but my handset is insured with my network provider with my contract… thats safe right?

  7. @robotchickenlolz No, you still have to pay for the apps in the App Store. Cydia just has apps Apple won't approve. Some are paid, some are free.

  8. The old way wasn't that hard. But I guess for the non-techies that own iPhones, this is a great thing. Super easy. It's fast but not as fast as Spirit but it doesn't work for iOS4 yet.

  9. will this make u get the paid apps for free?
    and would if u want ur ipod to go back to normal, can u do it?

  10. Wow, that's a huge bug. If I had an iphone 4 that would make me NOT surf the internet at all until they fixed that…

  11. @AppJudgment Well I only jailbroke my itouch, but the multitasking, winterboard, and, just the custom settings (like SBS settings) made it worthwhile.

  12. is iliagal to download free apps which can be done with a jailbrocken phone???? anser plzz

  13. try another system sound 😀 i've installed metal gear and android sounds and the are awesooooooome 😀

  14. This is the 2nd time this was attempted.Back in the 1.x days,this was also attempted and successfully done by Comex,who is the creator of Jailbreakme.But back than you had to do virginating,which took a lot of time.


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