How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 with H3lix – NEW Jailbreak for 32-bit iOS 10.x Devices

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  1. when i put my itunes account in, it says "You already have a current IOS development certificate or a pending certificate request" what does that mean? i own a iPad 4 running IOS 10.3.3 32-bit

  2. My phone ios 10.3.3 i am jailbreak my phone with HLix and i go cydia and mistake to delet my cydia now my phone is jailbreak but cydia gong iphone 5c now i doing

  3. Hey i got a problem, i have an iPad 4 and when i open Cydia and click on something it won´t redirect me there (i hope i made myself clear)

  4. hi im trying to do this process and im getting some message while using the impactor that i have to enroll as a developer? i then followed the link and enrolled and retried and its still not working

  5. Hello billy thanks for video but I have questions about cydia after download do I need to install Home depo or pangu for jailbreking please let me know

  6. Guys my iphone 5 is jailbreak when i install cydia in my phone cydia destroy my JavaScript can u guys give me solution to fix it….😭😭

  7. Can someone please tell me when the 64bit jailbreak will be released. I've been waiting soo long for a jailbreak and got excited when this came out, but then i realised it is only for 32bit 🙁