How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 with GreenGoblin

How To Jailbreak Your Apple TV 4 On TVOS 10.2.2 with GreenGoblin!
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Note: Ceadd L is the original author of this video, we just embed it, if you have any questions please contact him via Youtube.


  1. My ATV just sits there… it WAS a phenomenal device…. had Kodi installed…7 days L8r…poof! It could be the worlds best tv add-on-but my last two updates happened when I was asleep and I had NO UPDATES…. effen whores…

  2. Hacked versions of OS's are so dangerous, could be infected, key loggers, etc and you are entering your credentials away. I wish it was legit but I can't trust it…

  3. when i try to add greeng0blin to cydia impacter it says
     ( error.lockdown.cpp:81 LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_SERVICE)
    what can i do to fix this please

  4. ok i know now that this is for 7 days only…. i just want kodi and popcorntime or maybe games (got an apple tv 4 with ios 9 should i stay or update to 10.2.2? thanks in advance.

  5. I have atv4 jailbroken using GreenGoblin but and installed many apps using nito TV but jailbreak doesn't hold more than a day, the apps stop working after a day. Any solutions? Thanks

  6. Cydia impactor gives me two errors first is my Apple ID is not valid which I know it is so then I tried switching to a different Apple ID it said I need to be a paid developer I did this on a PC and on a MacBook still cannot get it to run any ideas

  7. I got kodi working. Just install it then force quit nito app when it gets stuck and wait 5-10 min until you see it. If you don’t then install respring