How To CUSTOMIZE iPhone on iOS 13 (NO Jailbreak)

Customize iPhone on iOS 13 without jailbreak. 5 ways to customize your iPhone on iOS 13 without jailbreak. Make your iOS 13 iPhone look different by customizing it without jailbreak.

5 ways to customize your iPhone on iOS 13 without jailbreak. Make your iPhone stand out from others by giving it a custom look. Customize the homescreen, dock, notch and more.


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  1. Heyy Do you know if there is a way to tell iEmpty what phone we have ? On my iPhone 6 it worked perfectly but now the website says Iโ€™m like an iPhone XR but I have an iPhone 11 and itโ€™s not perfectly at the right place so I can see the icon…

  2. I watch these videos and I always say โ€œHa suckers need to go threw all this effort while us jailbroken users can sit back and relaxโ€

  3. 1st one is a disgrace not customization )) 2019 i still can't have icons where i want them. Android is years ahead when it comes to customization.

  4. Why/when will apple just get smart like android and allow us to move our apps anywhere on the wallpaper. As usual. Apple is behind.

  5. Such a long thing to do waste of time it should be easy and simple. The other day I was watching how to select custom ringtone it was also a long long pain process ๐Ÿ˜–.. … .. .. .. Why don't it's easy as on Android.. .. .. IOS is not made for customization only if apple want to ๐Ÿ˜’