Jailbreak Prison Escape Android Walkthrough Chapter 1 THE CELL

Jailbreak Prison Escape #Android Walkthrough Chapter 1 THE CELL

What is it like, being sentenced to death, to expect your execution in the electric chair?
Prison Break starts in solitary confinement and may seem like an impossible task at first!
But do not rush to conclusions. Every object around you, every scratch on the wall can be
useful and be part of combinations with other items. Step by step, puzzle by puzzle,
you are gradually getting closer to freedom!

What will you choose? Last supper and humility or decide to do everything in your power for the sake of your freedom, passing through clever puzzles from
performing non-standard tasks? Time to spare and it’s time to make the last spurt!

The app “jailbreak” is:

– Excellent graphics
– Intriguing plot
– Realistic gameplay
– Unique puzzles
– Solving non-standard tasks
– Atmospheric sound design
– Convenient interface

We are constantly working to make the game better! Help you too! Leave feedback to help
us in developing new levels!

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Note: Angel Game is the original author of this video, we just embed it, if you have any questions please contact him via Youtube.

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