$450,000/hr? GET $10 MILLION a DAY | Is That TRUE? (Roblox Jailbreak)

Earn $10 Million in a DAY in Jailbreak? I will investigate IS THAT TURE in this video!
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Jailbreak CIA Agent DatBrian has opened investigation on this claim that you can earn up to $450,000 per hour and $10 Million in a Day? Wow, too good to be true?

What is the best fastest way to get money in Roblox Jailbreak Casino Update? 10 Million Day? What is the catch? Find out in this video.

Roblox Jailbreak Casino Update brings a huge map expansion and there are quite a few new things.

Jailbreak Second LIVE EVENT is coming?

Jailbreak LIVE EVENT 2022 came with a huge celebration for the game’s 5th anniversary. It is the BIGGEST Update ever in this game history. The LIVE EVENT was so awesome that you will want to watch it again and again. If you miss, there will be another chance coming up soon.

After the LIVE EVENT, it comes the New Map Expansion and New Casino Robbery. Map is so much bigger and the new robbery is so much fun to do

Jailbreak Season 9 will come in the following week. Are you ready?

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Jailbreak Grinding Strategy:
* Fastest way to get Money in Roblox Jailbreak
* Insane way to get Money in Roblox Jailbreak
* Jailbreak Get Rich Fast
* But is that true though? Can you trust this guy?

Jailbreak CASINO Update Secret
* Jailbreak New Trading Hub
* Jailbreak New Mansion Robbery
* Jailbreak Secret Log in New Map Expansion

🔴 – LIVE EVENT has concluded!
🌎 – 50% MORE MAP!
🚗 – ALL NEW ROADS to discover!

Jailbreak Live Event 2022
* Jailbreak April 2022 Live Event
* Jailbreak Secret Project
* Jailbreak April 2022
* Jailbreak Meteor failing

Jailbreak Season 9 Rewards
* Jailbreak Season 9
* Jailbreak Season 9 Level 10
* Jailbreak Season 9 Grand Prize
* Jailbreak Season 9 Rim
* Jailbreak Season 9 Spoiler
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  1. Theoretically with no vip gamepass killing your main 6-8 time per minute and then arresting it it would take you 50 minutes to get 100k and let’s pretend the other 10 minutes are the alt getting back to the apartment now with vip it would be 120k per hour and let’s say u lay for about 3 hours a day or be a no life like me and play 5-8 hours a day so that’s 360k-960k a day if u play from 3-8 hours day with vip gamepass which is still pretty good honestly that’s 1M per about 9 hours

  2. Wait, that one of police and criminal alt grinding might be pretty good, gotta try this.

    So, if you have an AI to make it, like every step, you can get like 120 thousands an hour, but it is not reliable

  3. How to make 500,000 a night with game pass without it gives you around 450,000 with you pc you need to download tiny task and get a private server and a alt account now you want to set it up were your guy will arest your criminal if anyone wants this in more detaile just reply and I will explain.

  4. 2.8m a day sounds nice but no one would play 24 hours and is most likely to play max for 4-5 hours since as everyone says, they are getting bored of playing games