How to install iPhone 14's Dynamic Island on your Android Phone for FREE

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  1. I love the updates and the frequent Surface Duo content. You're often my first stop for my Duo questions.

    I know crafting catchy thumbnails are often as involved as creating the content itself, but I enjoy "Product image with feature teaser" vs "Guy with quizzical look holding/pointing at something," but I know what crunch time is like trying to get stuff out on a regular tick.

    Keep up the hard work!

  2. Funny, all the talk about dynamic island “it’s Apple’s lipstick on a pig”, “ it’s Apple fixing a whoops”, “hope Samsung Devs aren’t gonna copy Apple’s island” but first replica that drops people are all over it “like a pig in mud” (pun intended)

  3. Dynamic spot is a much better name. Then again, Apple's massive camera hub can hardly be called a "spot". "Dynamic blob" would be more accurate.

  4. SO from. The Netherlands, just installed in on my note 10+ Haven't gotten it to work perfectly, but it's fun to mess around with it. Not sure I'll keep it though, depends on how functional it turns out to be for me.

  5. One handed interaction with the feature is awkward. Dynamic Island is such a gimmick. It will be gone when Apple gets rid of the massive pill in 5 years when they 'innovate" the boring iphone.

  6. I tried it on my phone without a notch or hole. I guess I could see it being useful in some ways if you want all your notifications in one spot. Too obtrusive though imo.

  7. So i installed it on my fold 4…i wish there was a way to have different settings for both displays but i know thats a niche thing…I toggled on a few apps (gmail, spotify, youtube, and a couple others) what I've noticed (at least so far) is that the priority follows the OS's priority of notifications (for apps that you have enabled) and it follows OS settings. So even if you have notifications enabled for DIscord, if you've turned off notifications for DIscord from the system level they won't show. From a functionality standpoint its similar to DI but Apple also enabled a bunch of cool APIs for the DI that lets developers interact with it in real time beyond just system notifications…like one guy made a cool version of pong/brickbreaker as an app that interacts with the DI. I don't even think Android has that kind of API built in to all apps to "see" or "touch" other apps like that…at least not exposed in the way Apple is with the DI.

    I wish there was an animation for when music was playing rather than just a static icon..just to help w burn in.

    All in all not a feature i'm interested in keeping but cool to try out

  8. So this is the big innovation apple came up with… ha… a small piece of software, a not that much useful one as they pretended to be, I do remember they presented it like a revolution or something. Not going to install it as the controls are in the upper side of the screen, not that easy to reach out with my thumb