P & G cooperates with Chinese companies to avoid Apple’s privacy rules

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Apple will soon apply a rule that identifies who uses the app and, in principle, obtains explicit consent from each user when tracking it. However, there are many companies that try to identify and track users without their consent in various ways. It is reported that P & G, the largest manufacturer of daily necessities, is also cooperating with such a move.

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Apple’s principle is to protect the privacy of users, and each app must obtain consent in advance when collecting location information, browsing history, search history, user ID, device ID, usage status, etc. obtained at the time of use. We will soon apply the rule that you must. However, it is thought that few users agree to provide this information, and it is operated by the company that displays advertisements that match the user’s taste, age group, and region, and connects the advertisement to sales, and advertising revenue. It is expected to have a big impact on the apps you have.
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Therefore, within Apple’s rules, tools are being developed to identify and track users by some means. It has become a big problem as P & G, a global household goods maker, is cooperating in the development of this tool. Further complicating the issue is that P & G provided its own advertising and customer data to the country’s advertising agency with the support of the Chinese government.
The agency is already testing a user identification tool called CAID in collaboration with P & G, Baidu, TikTok, Tencent and others, which could undermine Apple’s privacy efforts. Apple has warned that if you use a tool like CAID, it will not pass the app review, and this tool may not actually be used in iPhone or iPad apps.
It is believed that if Apple takes a strong stance to eliminate these tools, no companies will use CAID and users’ privacy will be protected. That’s why Apple’s future outlook will be the focus of attention.
Source: MacRumors

Source: iPhone Mania

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