Photos app logoIf you use the “iCloud Photo Library”, all of your photos (and videos) that you take with the iPhone are automatically uploaded to iCloud and saved online. To save individual or multiple photos locally – e.g. B. on the computer or on an external hard drive – you can easily download it in iCloud. But what if you want to download and save ALL iCloud photos? It is very easy via a hidden path!

Download single or multiple iCloud photos

Before we dedicate ourselves to the option of downloading all iCloud photos at once, we will first show you the conventional way to download individual or multiple photos from iCloud.

1. In order for your iPhone photos to be automatically uploaded and saved in iCloud, the “iCloud Photos” feature must be activated on your iPhone. If you haven’t already done so, switch them under Settings → [Euer Name] → iCloud → Photos → iCloud Photos.

Activate iCloud photos

2. On you then log in with your Apple ID and password. As part of the two-factor authentication, you may have to enter a six-digit code that will be displayed on the iPhone. Then click on the “Photos” tile on the iCloud homepage.

Click Photos Tile in iCloud

3. Now you will see all the photos that are in iCloud. Click on the pictures you want to download. To mark several photos at the same time, hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or CMD key (Mac) while you select the photos. Then click on the download icon (cloud with arrow pointing downwards) in the toolbar at the top right to download the highlighted images.

Download iCloud photos

4. You can find the downloaded photos on the PC in the “Downloads” folder. You can reach this by either entering “Downloads” in the search field at the bottom left or clicking “Downloads” under “This PC” in Windows Explorer. You can find the pictures on the Mac in the “Finder” under “Downloads”.

Download all iCloud photos

If you want to download all iCloud photos at once to save them locally, you have to go another way. Apple has put this download option a little hidden on its in-house data protection site. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. First log in to the website with your Apple ID and password.

2. Then select the “Request copies of your data” option and check the “iCloud Photos” option. Then click on “Next”.

Check mark at

3. On the next level you specify the maximum size of the files that you can then download later. The file sizes are 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 25GB. Finally, click on “Complete request”.

Select the maximum file size for downloading the iCloud photos

Apple will now make a copy of your iCloud photos (and videos) and email you the download links. This can take up to seven days. In the meantime, you can view the current order status at By the way, you get the pictures and videos in their original format.

Source: iPhone Tricks