Messenger Rooms

“Messenger Rooms”, which allows video chat with up to 50 people, is now available on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Now available on Instagram and WhatsApp apps

Last week, Facebook officially announced Messenger Rooms, which allows for video chat with up to 50 people, and announced that it is now available on Facebook and the Messenger app. The room required for conversation in Messenger Rooms can be created in Messenger or Facebook application, and even users who do not have a Facebook account can send a room link and invite them to chat. There is no time limit.

And from May 21st local time, Messenger Rooms is also available on Instagram and WhatsApp apps, as Facebook has announced.

Enjoy group video chat on Instagram

Here are the steps to do a group video chat with Messenger Rooms on Instagram:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the paper plane icon in the upper right
  2. Tap the video camera icon in the upper right
  3. Tap Create Room, then tap Messenger Create Room
  4. In “Send to”, select the person you want to chat with (up to 49 people) and tap “Send”
  5. Tap “Join room” to go to Messenger for video chat

Messenger Rooms

Group video chat in Messenger Rooms does not have the encryption features of Group FaceTime. Therefore, it is not suitable for exchanging safety-related contents, but it is convenient for enjoying a little video chat.

Source: Instagram / Twitter via 9to5Mac

Source: iPhone Mania